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Super Bowl Sundays

It’s Super Bowl Sunday. And while all of the intellectual types can criticize Americans for being football enthusiasts, the fans themselves know what to tell those critics.   This day is like a holiday, and it should be celebrated. The two best NFL teams are about to go at it, beat the crap out of … Continue reading

The Final Straw For the American Colonies

The American Revolution began as the result of a culmination of rights violations and taxes over the course of a 14-year span of time. All of those violations and taxes just fueled the American colonist’s fire of hatred for the British Government. There was one final straw that put the Americans over the edge — the Coercive Acts. … Continue reading

Western Expansion And Its Effect On Americans

Americans have always been a people who loved freedom and the spirit of individuality.   These unique characteristics have existed since the colonial era in America. The settlers at Plymouth colony left England with the idea of religious freedom, but it wasn’t until the 1700s, when colonists began to move west toward the Appalachian Mountains … Continue reading

Is The Media A Watchdog Or Lapdog? It Depends On The Candidate

The mainstream press is supposed to be a watchdog on government.   Too bad it only does half its job by being selective of who it watches and scrutinizes.   In the last 20 months or so, both Hillary Clinton and Donald Trump had enough thoughtless comments, shady dealings, and blatant lies, to tarnish their … Continue reading

Electoral College Versus Popular Vote

Depending on what candidate you chose to vote for on Election Day, the Electoral College was either your friend or your enemy. The electoral vote is the only deciding vote for the presidency, not the overall popular vote. So, for Hillary Clinton supporters, the Electoral College was your mortal enemy. For the fourth time in … Continue reading

The Best Laid Plans Don’t Always Lay Smoothly

Overconfidence can lead to downfall for individuals and groups alike. It has caused investors to lose millions of dollars and sports teams to lose games they should have won. It also causes countries to lose their colonies. The government of the British Empire had an overabundance of confidence when dealing with its 13 little colonies … Continue reading

Old Versus New. Which Are You?

There are two people standing at the curb, waiting for the bus: one is a small pizza shop owner and the other is a social justice warrior. Which one is the liberal?   Both of them.   The term liberal or liberalism is one that has gone through big changes over the last 150 years. … Continue reading

Two Peas In The Pod

Love her or hate her, no one can question the ambition of Hillary Clinton. The woman set her sights very high and despite the accusations of corruption, and the e-mail scandal, she almost made it to the highest political office in the land. Two attempts at being president, and no wins. At least she can … Continue reading

Checks And Balances

The creators of the US Constitution should be considered a group of wise men.   But in today’s ideologically charged atmosphere, where political correctness and Cultural Marxism reign, historical revision and reinterpretation have reduced Benjamin Franklin, James Madison and the rest as the supreme oppressors of the world.   Even though they helped to create … Continue reading

To Rig Or Not To Rig An Election

Everyone knows that this presidential election will be one of the most contentious in U.S. History. The ideologies are extremely different: Donald Trump wants to bring back the lost industrial base to the United States while Hillary Clinton wants to continue the policies of the Obama administration and add a few tweaks of her own … Continue reading

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