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The End Nears, But “What if..?”

You all know there’s been a lot of documents declassified lately that reveal tons of dirt on the Democrats, shadow government, and mainstream minion press. The democrat party has been using this corona virus as a smoke screen to control us and cheat the 2020 election.


And remember there was the collusion scam, the obstruction scam, and then another collusion scam. Lots of dishonesty in the news stories we’ve been told, a lot of evidence hidden which should have ended these scams quickly, and a lot of projection and deflection in the lies we’ve been told


An entire political party and a corrupt, political infrastructure may come crashing down in the next few weeks to few months. Thanks to former National Intelligence director Grenell we’ve seen some shocking information come out and many are saying this is only the beginning. What are some of the things that are going to be getting attention? Who knows? But we listed some potential scenarios in the form of “What ifs.”


What if…………..?
former President Obama has to answer for his knowledge of the investigations on the Trump campaign? Is there a possibility that he could deny knowing it, could there be a back-door play to beat the rap? You know he’s going to have one of the best lawyers ever. So what will his fate be?


What if………..?
former president Obama is found guilty a long time from now in a completely different world? How many loyalists still won’t believe it? How many Democrat lackeys will be that blind to consider Obama innocent? Being blinded by the light of the Messiah, and all.


What if……?
the Bill of Rights is subverted in order to be less selfish and more compassionate to thy fellow human? Yeah, everyone must feel safe or they’ll be offended and their feelings will be hurt. So, we’re all responsible to coddle the people of the mask, the new religious symbol of the left. For all of you trying to pull this morality crap, mommy’s guilt trips usually end at adulthood. Try it sometime. It’s challenging but you will feel some accomplishment at the end. And you could be proud instead of victimized.


What if….?
the religiosity of the mask-wearers overpowers and keeps the Bill of Rights subverted forever? Feelings over individual rights. UGH! So un-American. But there ought to be a lot of angry people. Since most masks are as useless as the bad decisions of our new well-known governors, the new use for the mask might be to catch chicklets. Take that, snowflakes.


What if……?
hydroxychloroquine didn’t blow up patient’s hearts on demand? Would it still cure the corona virus? Probably, so why does the mainstream minion press still quote a phony, non-study study to degrade hydroxychloroquine in the public eye? Typing hydroxychloroquine is dreadful.


What if…..?
Joe Biden still had all of his wits? He would still be eating his feet from racial and sexist comments, he’d just sound a lot sharper while doing it. You know, he got a great deal for his kid in The Ukraine. How much do you think he made through the back door with the Chinese?


What if…..?
the democrat party, in collusion with the shadow government and the Chinese (either government or another entity overlorded by the Chinese government?) conspire to create a disease that’s built to target senior citizens? Anyone else that dies in the process is just collateral damage. What does that say about our elected public servants? You get rid of an entire voting block, or you ditch a good portion of it. And with mail-in voting, and the fraud involved, Joe Biden might be a cinch, or whoever is going to replace him.


What a diabolical strategy that would be?


What if……?
Hillary Clinton won the 2016 presidential election? We wouldn’t have found out all of the above.


The Democrat party, shadow government, and minion press look down on conservatives, libertarians, anyone who is a patriot. They’re more enlightened, as they think, though it’s hard to understand why as they side with outdated failures like socialism and try to control a population of 320 million with masks and orders to stay home that sound like a parent talking to a child.


Here’s the news Dems, shadow guv, and minion press: adults don’t take kindly to being grounded, the masks are a lame symbol of censorship, and from the looks of the news coming out daily, a lot of you won’t be petty tyrants for much longer,


P.S.  Here’s an idea on bailouts — for the states that killed senior citizens, no state bailout, no city bailout. Also, conduct fair elections in California and New York.

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