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The Void of Leadership

Now that most of America’s largest cities have dissolved into cesspools, everyone should be able to see the biggest spectacle.


No, it’s not the obvious one that these cities are in ruins. The spectacle is that Democrat leadership was a complete failure, a hands-off policy that was disrespected by all of the rioters. The mayors of these cities folded like yesterday’s newspaper.


Were the mayors empathizing or virtue signaling? Were they thinking ahead to their next election, or are they in the running for a higher office with a lot more pay? It doesn’t matter since all are lame reasons to neglect doing the jobs you were elected to do.


The contract between elected public servants and their constituents is to protect citizens and their property; protecting rights, not neglecting them.


These are the people you elected. And we found out they’re not looking out for you, but rather to protect the chaos created by looters and arsonists. Afraid to upset the spoiled mob, they allow them to run rampant, breaking glass, starting fires, stealing everything, and screaming vulgarities that amount to nothing but a drunken,  incoherent rant.


The leadership of the elite leftists is not leadership; it resembles a parent coddling a petulant child. “Here, sweetheart,’’ mommy or daddy says, “Here’s a cookie for you after your done stomping your feet all over the house and smashing all your toys.’’ The parent gives in and the child is temporarily satisfied, knowing that the next time he throws a fit, he’ll get anything he wants.


What happened to George Floyd was terrible. His rights were neglected and he was humiliated as he lay, face-down on the street pavement. The way that Officer Chauvin treated Mr. Floyd should make him beg forgiveness from the Floyd family before he gets what he deserves. He took every ounce of dignity from that man as he died.


But for these mayors to allow the chaos to continue night after night just shows how afraid they are. Absentee leaders who shied away from their duty when the going got tough. To be real, all of them should resign immediately for making the easiest decision for themselves by turning their backs, choosing not to protect their cities. Did you see Minneapolis Mayor Jacob Frey get chastised by protestors and then walk away like a scolded little boy? See what giving in to the mob does, little Jacob? You allowed them to do what they wanted and they still hate you.


And in Seattle, Mayor Jenny Durkan thought hard enough and certainly long enough to allow Antifa idiots to commandeer six blocks of her city. Will Antifa allow the mayor in for negotiations? Will she have to wash someone’s feet to get in? Or will her presence taint the little micro-dystopia. You can bet there’s no semblance of democracy in that six-block radius.


And now that we know mob rule and deployment are the new trend, do the rest of us still have to follow the lock-down orders that you forced on us? Since the governors confined Americans to their homes, then joined the protestors marching in the streets – without social distancing – there is no way any American should pay attention to these small, penny-ante, pissant executive orders that these small, penny-ante, pissant governors enacted.


Even worse is the fact that some of these mayors are caving to the mob’s demands by defunding, even disbanding, their city’s police forces. In a real world, the thought anyone would have is, “What?!’’ But this trend is gaining more steam as it gets peddled by the mainstream minion press. Minneapolis has already taken the first steps to “reimagine’’ law enforcement. Los Angeles just moved $150 billion from law enforcement while New York is about to do the same.


Do any of you idiot politicians at the state and local levels realize what you’re doing? Opening the door far and wide to more chaos, more looting, theft, and arson. The result will be vigilante justice; people will hunt down those who victimized them, then kill them, no arrests, no jury trials. Way to go state and local Democrats; your powers of bad judgement have no bounds. While you all want guns banned, you’ll actually increase the sale of guns as long as defunding the law gets serious attention.


Here is something for the mayors of the big cities to think about: there is going to be a trial for Officer Chauvin and the three offices accompanying him. What if, by some strange twist, Officer Chauvin is acquitted or found not guilty? There probably won’t be any more peaceful protests on the issue. Instead, there will be riots from the get-go. With no police to control the mob, the mob will have no bounds at all, and the rioting starts all over again, lasting indefinitely.


If there’s a second time, will the big-city mayors be another no-show on governing, protecting its people?


Really, if you defund or disband the police, to be fair, you must repeal all laws — local, state, and federal — that restrict the purchase and ownership of firearms and ammunition. And maybe even cut taxes so that all Americans can be able to buy a gun as easily and quickly as possible. If we’re going to be forced into a free-for-all, you might as well be equitable about it and give all citizens a chance to live.


This is the caliber of leaders we have governing us. Fire the police force, let the cities burn, disarm the law abiding. As long as I can still hold office and get paid, everything is fine, which is never said, but always thought by aspiring and ambitious politicians. Even those who have no ability to govern.


How do you solve a void in leadership that has to be solved quickly? Is it too late to even try? Listening to these politicians talk causes pain. We shouldn’t listen any more because their decisions are always wrong.

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