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The Fraudulent Left and its Army of Sheep

If All Lives Matter was a movement like Black Lives Matter, I would choose All Lives Matter. In the past few weeks Black Lives Matter went from legitimate movement for a real cause – remember George Floyd? – to an obnoxious tantrum with no credibility.


If Black Lives really do matter, why does it only look like a select few black lives matter? And since only some black lives seem to matter, wouldn’t it be logical to root for All lives Matter even moreso? All Lives Matter is for everyone, black, brown, white, purple, or green. Does Secoriea Turner’s life count? Absolutely. Did the little, year-old boy’s in NY? Yes, it did.  Does David Dorn’s? Yes, again, but you wouldn’t know because BLM didn’t protest/riot for them. Since their deaths don’t correspond with the politically correct narrative, these three were just collateral damage.


Yeah. Tell that to their loved ones.


Communities and small businesses were decimated in the large cities of the US. How many of those small businesses were owned by black folks? The demand to disband and defund police departments led to higher crime rates and murder rates in these cities. Here is where credibility begins its nosedive.


BLM and Antifa devolved into a mob. And there’s one thing about the mob – it will never be satisfied. The mayors of these cities (all are Democrat-led) should have known that if they were properly educated. But they didn’t; they gave in to the mob, crumbled to dust like a sun-dried dog turd.


Burn buildings, smash and loot stores, tear down historical monuments, and some egghead among the mainstream minion press calls it “for the most part, peaceful.’’ How stupid are you, man? I can understand why black people would tear down the monument of a Confederate general, but vandalizing a statue of Ulysses Grant and Abe Lincoln…? Tipping over a statue of the most influential abolitionist, Frederick Douglass…? This is where credibility crashes on the rocks. Hell, in Boston, you even vandalized the 54th Massachusetts monument, the first black regiment to be formed and fight in the Civil War.


Your movement isn’t about race or racial justice. It’s some pop-culture, bandwagon, corporate-financed, pseudo-rebellion. You’re not fighting against government, especially when you are praised by the Democrat party and the mainstream minion press. You’re not fighting against corruption, especially when you are funded by the same corporatists and bankers that own the politicians. You are the establishment, the army of it, funded and prodded onward like a bug-eyed army of zombies.


The BLM-Antifa mob is the equivalent of the Brownshirts in Nazi Germany, fighting for the hollow promise of free college and free healthcare that neither Bernie Sanders nor Joe Biden will ever be able to come through on.


But now there’s a break; the riots have calmed down — for now. So, to keep the public scared and confined to their homes we’re back to covideception-19 lockdowns, that is, unless you are protesting (or rioting). Is there such a thing as logic anymore and do these nutjob leftists see their lack of it? How can you force a population to stay home unless it’s the BLM-Antifa mob? Protesting and rioting doesn’t spread the covideception, but going to church and grocery shopping does?


Who are these mayors and state governors trying to convince with their bull puckey? We hicks up in the country see right through the smoke. All you lefty, pseudo-progressives think that us country folk are stupid. We’re not. How many of you are falling for the lies? Or are you falling for them as a ruse to get us to believe you? I suppose we’re smarter than all you city folk because we remember the lies and how they were all strung together in constant succession. And we have longer attention spans, too:


1) Russian Collusion – failure for the shadow government and dem party.


2) Obstruction of justice – failure for the shadow government and dem party.


3) Stormy Daniels – another failure. Where’s Avenatti now?


4) Collusion with the Ukraine – failure for the dems and shadow government.


5) Impeachment – failure for the dems and shadow government.


6) Adam Schiff still has not produced the evidence that is in “plain sight.’’ Why is that? Because Schiff is a liar and there never was any evidence.


7) Gen Flynn is extremely close to exoneration, and former President Obama is implicated in spying. The left pushed one bogus story after another to overthrow an elected president after getting rid of a National Security Advisor who knew too much. This was a coup d’etat, illegal, treasonous, and in blatant violation of the US Constitution.


8) Covideception-19. Do you folks on the left really, truly believe that the timing of this cold/virus, right after the failed impeachment attempt, was a coincidence? Nope; it wasn’t. It was planned to come out right after impeachment because the whole impeachment scam was based on lies, and no one was buying it. Well, most of us weren’t buying. The loyal, true believers of the Democrat party bought it. As Bugs Bunny said, “What a maroon. What a gull-i-BULL.’’


9) BLM-Antifa protests or riots. Peaceful protests are accepted and admired. Even encouraged when our rights have been violated. But riots aren’t. The mob is demanding no police in the big cities. Spineless, intellectually stunted mayors and governors are giving in. After all of the big cities ditch their police forces, what will the mob demand next? Freeing the rioters from jail? Oh, wait. That’s already happening. How about confiscating weapons of the people trying to protect their property from the mob? Already happened and will continue. Do you see yet how the deck is being stacked?


If this is what the Democrats, shadow government, and mainstream minion press are forcing on the American people, how does anyone think this chaos is going to be resolved after the election? The Democrats want power so badly they’ll wreck the country to seize it, and If they win, you can bet it will be open season on Trump supporters. Then gun confiscation will happen with greater velocity. If Trump wins, BLM-Antifa will be in the streets rioting again, just like last month, just like in 2016.


We’re looking at a lot of violence for a long stretch of time. But the good thing is that people are getting sick of seeing the destruction by the mob and the hypocrisy of the no-shows we voted into the governorships and mayorships throughout the US.  Americans won’t put up with our country being ransacked for much longer. The Trump supporters have lately been called “the silent majority.’’ It’s not going to be much longer before the silent majority gets loud. And it should get loud.



Mayors of Every Major City Plagued by Riots are Deep State Democrats


Sunday, May 31, 2020 Posted by State of the Nation on Before it’s News


Minneapolis – Democrat Mayor – Jacob Frey
Chicago — Democrat Mayor — Lori Lightfoot 
Cincinnati – Democrat Mayor – John Cranley
Atlanta – Democrat Mayor – Keisha Lance Bottoms
Columbus – Democrat Mayor – Andrew Ginther
Oakland – Democrat Mayor – Libby Schaaf
San Jose – Democrat Mayor – Sam Liccardo
Seattle – Democrat Mayor – Jenny Durkan
Denver – Democrat Mayor – Michael Hancock
NYC – Democrat Mayor – Bill de Blasio
Washington, DC – Democrat Mayor – Muriel Bowser
Los Angeles – Democrat Mayor – Eric Garcetti
Phoenix – Democrat Mayor – Kate Gallego
Dallas – Democrat Mayor – Eric Johnson
Louisville – Democrat Mayor – Greg Fischer
Memphis – Democrat Mayor – Jim Strickland
Houston – Democrat Mayor – Sylvester Turner
Richmond – Democrat Mayor – Levar Stoney
Fort Wayne – Democrat Mayor – Tom Henry
Saint Paul – Democrat Mayor – Melvin Carter
Bakersfield – Republican Mayor – Karen Goh

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