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Desperation Causes Deception, Division

We’re all being played. The Democrat party, the mainstream minion press, and the shadow government have been blowing smoke at us for years. And all three demons are laughing as we fight each other rather than them.


The Dems, minion press, and shadow government are a one-hit flop, only out for control. That’s why they want to overthrow the President.


Look at the lies that’ve been pushed on us for the past four years: Trump’s Russian collusion, obstruction of justice, the Ukrainian collusion, impeachment with fake evidence. All of these turned out to be failures. Do you get the picture yet? The President has a group of evil people out to get him. If you don’t see it by now, you are blind and hopeless.


And the craziness just keeps going. Now, we have the covideception swindle and the semi-armed insurrection by the BLM-Antifa mob. Is there anyone who thinks all this chaos is really about George Floyd?


As the election approaches, this will keep happening. What does it all add up to? Read and find the sum at the bottom.


1) Jussie Smollett can choreograph a phony hate crime to influence public opinion that racism is systemically imbedded in the US. NASCAR driver Bubba Wallace can assume that a garage door rope is a noose to convince a whole country that systemic racism exists everywhere in the US. Isaih Martin can compose eloquently written – and racially demeaning — letters to himself, blame it on white students, and convince the minion press that systemic racism is alive and well at Texas A&M University. And Oregon politician, Jonathan Lopez, can dash off a fast, hate-filled racist rant, fabricating another hate crime as he runs for office in the small town of Hermiston, OR.


If the US is so systemically racist, why do people have to keep making up hate crimes?


What’s systemic isn’t racism; it’s the blind hate of the mainstream minion press and its dead-set resolve on trying to push a phony narrative.


2) Chicago Mayor, Lori Lightfoot, became extremely incensed when she found out that the President wanted to send 150 law enforcement personnel (alphabet agencies – DHS, ATF, etc.) to Chicago to quell the out-of-control violence. Pick a weekend, any weekend, of 2020 so far and you’ll see dozens of people shot in the city, and usually about 3-10 killed. Crime rates are going up in all big cities, Chicago in particular, so you would think Mayor Lightfoot could use a little help. Right?


Wrong. Mayor Lightfoot responded, “Under no circumstances will I allow Donald Trump’s troops to come to Chicago and terrorize our residents.’’ Great decision Ms. Mayor; let’s just keep it as organic as possible by allowing the gangs of Chicago and the BLM-Antifa mob to do the terrorizing.


Law and order are overrated anyway. Right? We don’t need them as the door opens to our new totalitarian state and the unicorn-and-glitter paradise of socialism. No offense Ms. Mayor, but if toilet paper is only available on Tuesdays in your socialist New World Order and there are a lot of shootings on Tuesdays, no one will ever leave their homes or apartments on Tuesdays. Then we can’t buy toilet paper, leading to a whole host of hygiene problems. No matter the glorified gang violence or how noble and honorable the BLM-Antifa mob are in your blurry eyes, it won’t compare to dysentery and bubonic plague epidemics.


3) The most upside-down story of the month is the St. Louis couple that attempted to defend their home against the BLM-Antifa mob. Local government turns its collective back on the US Constitution (and MO state constitution) to enable BLM-Antifa brownshirts to trespass, loot, set buildings on fire, and call it a peaceful protest. To hell with the Second Amendment, and the right to protect your property; the mob has the right and deserves to wreck it more than you have to protect it.


4) And if the protests are peaceful, why are business owners boarding up their shops, why are buildings being burned down, why are people getting shot, why are fireworks exploding, and why are the Democrat mayors of these cities cheering it on? With all of the death and destruction, Mayor Durkan can’t call it a “summer of love’’ when all you see is hate.


5) Did you see the House Judiciary hearing? What’s with the Democrat members asking AG Bill Barr questions then not allowing him to answer? Here’s why. Barr will obliterate the Democrat narrative that these phony protests are legitimate terrorist riots, that the BLM-Antifa mob is rioting to overthrow the president (not the Dems because they’re promising free stuff), that the Democrats are complicit, and actually promoting it along with the mainstream minion media.


6) Breitbart posted a video of front-line doctors speaking the truth about the covideception  scam that’s taking place right now. One of the group, Dr. Stella Immanuel, said that she treated 350 patients with hydroxychloroquine and all have gotten better. “There is a cure,’’ she said, mentioning hydroxychloroquine as that cure. However, this video was censored by Facebook, Twitter, and YouTube. The left: the Democrat party, mainstream minion press, and the shadow government, are in cohorts with the tech companies, clamping down on the First Amendment. Even Donald Trump, Jr. had the video scrubbed from his twitter account.


The sum of all this – desperation. The Democrat party has jumped one obstacle after another to try overthrowing Trump. Yes, one attempted coup after another; and all have failed.


Think for a moment loyalists. What has your party done for you in the last three years? Absolutely nothing. The Democrats are too obsessed with stealing power to do its job of governing.


Do you see how the deck is being stacked? There is one narrative – Trump has to go. If you disagree, you are racist.


If you disagree with the BLM-Antifa mob, you re racist. How many in the B-A mob even remember George Floyd? Pelosi and Schumer surely don’t. If you disagree with the mayors of the big cities, you are racist, all while they lie to us that the protests are peaceful. If you disagree with the minion media, you are racist, even though it lies to us all the time: that systemic racism is prevalent everywhere, that cities are not violent, that hydroxychloroquine will explode your heart, that all white folks are racist, that Hillary Clinton is an angel, and that Russia is still colluding with the Trump folks to influence the 2020 election.


Wake up, Democrat loyalists. Your party is betraying you.


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