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So much for our Constitution

Today is historic. September 17 is the anniversary of the US Constitution. This document, arguably the most liberal framework for government by giving the people of the US power over its government, is 233 years old today.



And the irony is that it’s constantly disrespected and stomped on by both politicians and citizens alike.



The time we are living in is incredibly screwed up, and that’s probably an understatement. The largest cities are a mess, our rights have been trampled on by state and local politicians thanks to the covideception plandemic, and we have an election coming where neither side will concede if it loses.



A lot of people are angry, but so many are scared to do anything. People are afraid to voice an opinion other than the one that’s commonly accepted. The mainstream minion media and the corrupt politicians are forcing this one-sided narrative on the general public, and if you deviate from it, you’re racist, ostracized by society, and you lose your job.



Meanwhile, you’re not allowed to worship; not allowed to gather in large groups; and alternative press reporters are muzzled, shadow banned, or deplatformed.



So much for freedom of speech and the First Amendment, the one amendment that most Americans hold dearest.



But that’s not all. Nowadays, the mob rules. The BLM-Antifa mob is the Brownshirt army of the Democrat party, and the mainstream minion media cheers and prods them on. When the mob rules, no one is safe as the mob threatens to wipe out anyone who disagrees with it.



So much for the inherent rights to “life, liberty, and the pursuit of happiness.’’



You’re not allowed to live happily, you have no liberty, and your life will be destroyed whether you give in to the mob or not because the mob will make one demand, get what it wants, and then demand more. Just ask the idiot mayors of the largest cities in the US. They allowed the mob to protest, then riot; now most of the major cities in the US are burning, looted cesspools and scumpits where actual citizens are afraid to venture out of their apartments and homes for fear of being ripped from their cars and beaten to death.



And don’t defend your property, especially if you’re armed, because the Second Amendment has become null and void thanks to virtue signaling, do-nothing District Attorneys and prosecutors in these cities. To them, it’s completely okay to burn a church or small business, vandalize and burn someone’s home, steal television sets and Gucci purses; but if you defend that which is yours, you get arrested.



So much for the Second Amendment. What other rights have we lost as we continuously give in to power-hungry, but dim-witted politicians?



The US government took away your right to privacy (Fourth Amendment) years ago with the Patriot and Freedom Acts. The Fifth and Sixth Amendments are now a mess as rioters walk away after assaulting citizens, burning, and looting. And the feds have slowly taken away the power of the states (Tenth).



So much for the Bill of Rights.



Lately, you have corrupt politicians – both Democrats and Republicans, but mostly Democrats – making one attempt after another to overthrow an elected president. Yes, elected…by the American citizens. This president was spied on before he was elected and after he was inaugurated. He was blamed for soliciting help from foreign countries to win the 2016 election.



This turned out to be false. Phony information was leaked to the public, a dossier was manufactured with lies, and the mainstream minion media force fed the public one crap story after another to get us to believe the nonsense in the hopes of nullifying the last presidential election.



So much for your vote counting and holding fair and honest elections. But now the truth is coming out about the coup d’etat, and hopefully justice will take precedent for once.



The entrenched, lifetime politicians have been disregarding and disrespecting the Constitution for too long. It’s been going on for years, decades, but it’s magnified and intensified even more lately. The birthday of our Constitution should be celebrated for having withstood such a long life and a lot of challenges. How much longer will it live?


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