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Biden the Fraudulent


Here you go Democrat loyalists: Joe Biden is a fraud and if you haven’t noticed yet, you have personal issues that need to be resolved.


This old coot has done nothing as a US senator for decades. All of a sudden you believe he’ll change for the better and do what’s right for the US.


The one thing all you loyalists show is that your hate is blinding. Or not all your dogs are barking.


Is it Trump Derangement Syndrome? An unhealthy devotion to the mainstream minion media? Or an invisible leash that constrains you so securely you can’t stray from the flock?


I would love to say, “Don’t vote next week,’’ but that would make this blog look like the petty tyrants your party’s governors have become, that you are so willing to take orders from.


“Stay home,’’ each of them say. Whitmer, Wolf, Cuomo and the rest of the puny, insignificant Mussolini wannabes ground us like little kids as they threaten, “Or we will arrest you.’’


 It doesn’t matter which level of government we’re referring to, the politicians are all finger puppet fools since all have made the worst decisions in governing: giving in to rioting mobs; wrecking their own cities; arresting people for defending their homes against the mob; killing local economies by shutting down small businesses; defunding or disbanding police departments in large cities; arresting church goers, trampling individual rights, and on and on and on.


This is what Slow Joe Biden represents. He never denounced the mob and never would have been proactive in taking on the covideception plandemic. His running mate is on YouTube praising the mob and peddling for donations to an organization that bails them out.


It’s bewildering — also strange and dumb — that this is what you want. Reduce the US to a banana republic all to get one man out of office. The bonds are strong on the Democrat Plantation. So strong that you’re willing to vote for a cognitively stunted, lifetime politician who has done so little to help his constituents and the American public that even he has trouble remembering any accomplishment in congress after 45 years.


The loyalist sheep are willing to vote for a do-nothing, passive, basement dweller who doesn’t even know his own mind.


Joe Biden sounded coherent enough in the debates, but he offered nothing. He’s running for the presidency, and not one soul knows what his strategies are. “My plan will do this….or my plan will do that,’’ without offering a single detail.


Meanwhile, at his sparsely populated rallies, he says he’s going to kill the natural gas industry, then he says he’s not going to kill it; he’s going to bring jobs back to the US, but doesn’t say how he’ll do it; he said he’ll raise taxes, but later, he’ll only do it to those earning $400k or higher; he won’t answer a question on packing the supreme court, and there’s a good chance that his puppet masters will force him to try eliminating the electoral college, confiscate weapons, shut down dissent.


What’s it going to be, Joe? Either drop the logs or get off the pot. There’s too much flip-flopping and no substance to your politically contrived no-answer responses. He still sounds like the typical politician: vague, aloof, condescending.


But remember; the denizens on the loyalist plantation believe everything is different now.


What a joke, and a bad one.


Now, we know the real reason why Joe and our entrenched, lifetime politicians downplay China as an economic threat: because they’ve sold us out to get rich. The story has been evolving for over two weeks; Hunter Biden’s laptop computer revealed e-mails of shady business dealings in China and other countries. And Joe, himself, decided to commandeer a percentage of the profits that his son pulled in.


Could the Biden family enrichment scheme be the cost China paid when they were allowed to steal intellectual property, do research at American universities to find more secret information, bribe university professors to get classified information about cutting-edge technology, help in concocting a weak virus that shut down a revived US economy?


Isn’t it a basic tenant of psychology that those who betray their own can’t be trusted by those they betray as well as those for whom they betray? So, it’s possible that Slow Joe Biden and some other politicians are the most untrustworthy people on the planet.


But he’ll do better this time. Right, loyalists? Nope. But he would make an awesome poster child for congressional term limits.


The light of day should reveal all the nonsense, but thanks to the minion media the light can’t kill the scum. And even in broad daylight the cover of darkness stretches everywhere. We’ve been lied to for a long time. Now that we’re finally able to see Joe Biden for the long-term fraud that he is, don’t let him sell us out as president.




The Federalist


Gateway Pundit


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