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Welcome to America, the Banana Republic

Welcome to the country formerly known as the United States of America. That is, if Slow Joe Biden wins the presidential election.
If that miserable, old, do-nothing, petty tyrant does win, this country should then be renamed the Banana Republic of America.
Let’s hope it doesn’t happen. The ball is rolling and the fraud is being exposed, but there’s still no certainty that Biden’s dubious win will be pulled out from under him. Trump’s team of lawyers plus Sidney Powell still have a huge pile of work ahead of them. And the obvious thing at this point is that the so-called swamp is a helluva lot deeper than anyone realized.
The finger-puppet-phony and typical politician, Slow Joe Biden, owned by globalist interests, has to be installed at all costs. And for what? For Green New Deal socialism? For the Great Reset that’s about to be implemented next year? Most likely a combination of both since debilitating environmental and economic controls are what the corporate-banking-political class has planned for the masses; where we’re slapped with carbon taxes for driving to our jobs every day while they’re exempt after flying fuel-guzzling, carbon spewing private jets around the world to environmental forums where they lecture us on saving the planet; where corporate junkies and their greedy wealth transfers make them so powerful that they own the politicians that make the laws to control us while we get a pittance slave-wage and the bogus impression that we actually have a say in what goes on.
This cannot and should not happen, but the mainstream minion media shunned its most real and important duty of being a watchdog on government many years ago. And to top this off, we have to put up with corporate-financed mobs – BLM and Antifa, and their pseudo-rebellion for extremely large government — which wrecked the largest cities of the US as a threat to the more level-headed citizens; that we must follow their stupid group-think, that big government is the answer to all of our problems when all it will do is control our personal lives and stifle ambition and creativity.
Hasn’t it sunk into your empty heads yet, BLM and Antifa goons, that big government is inefficient at best and has become more tyrannical at its worst? Does the censoring of your opponents cause you to stop for a moment and think that you could be the next one censored if you mistakenly fall out of line?
No. Why would you think that when you have stupid and scared politicians dangling free stuff in front of you like the carrot on a stick enticing the stupid mule to keep plodding forward? Your ideology – socialism — doesn’t work, and it’s been proven. Look at Venezuela; it’s a cesspool. Your college professors played you all into thinking that socialism is the great equalizer. It’s not. While the corporate-banking-political class keeps getting richer, you and the rest of us serfs will be equally destitute. Sure, your college tuition will be paid by all of the citizenry, but you are part of that citizenry, and you will be paying for it along with the rest of us. And at some point you will have to decide, “Do I want to pay rent this month, or do I want to eat.’’
This is what Slow Joe Biden will give you. You all clamored for it and deserve to get it. The problem the rest of us have is that we don’t deserve the nonsense that’s coming down the road, that you voted for.


You all need to ask yourselves: did Slow Joe really win the election, Nov. 3? Logic and the news leaks are telling us no, he didn’t. Fraud dominated in the battleground states, especially in the big cities of those states. You can’t be serious in believing that he won this election fair and square. You are either gullible or stupid, or a combination of both.
That Biden got 80 million votes while cowering in his basement should tell you loyalists something is very wrong. That’s 11 million more than Obama, and 14 million more than Hillary Clinton in 2016. Slow Joe Biden isn’t nearly as popular as Obama and Clinton were; he’s the typical, do-nothing politician, only out to serve himself, which has been proven more than once. How much money did Slow Joe make when he made those deals in Ukraine and China for his kid?
The one thing that all of us who aren’t Biden supporters should be thankful for is that this isn’t over just yet. So much fraud and corruption have been exposed that the Democrat party and its lackeys that run the Dominion-Smartmatic election system have enough evidence against them that they’re going to need backhoes and dump trucks to dig them out of all the dirt.
What else do we know that makes this election suspicious? According to Gateway Pundit, Slow Joe Biden only won 16.7 percent of the counties across the country (Saturday’s Fun Fraud Facts: Seven Unexplainable Results that Reveal Democrats Didn’t Even Try to Hide Their Fraud (thegatewaypundit.com)). That’s an all-time low and less than Hillary won in 2016. Sidney Powell stated on various news channels that Dominion-Smartmatic software was designed to flip votes from one candidate to another; this benefitted Biden. Phony ballots were ordered from a Chinese company which were sent to voters in various states (REVEALED: Video Released of Phone Call Recording to Chinese Manufacturer Requesting a Bulk Order of Fake US 2020 Ballots (thegatewaypundit.com)). The warning was put out back in April that mail-in ballots were susceptible to fraud; and now we’ve found out that there was so much of it that this election can’t be trusted.
These examples are just a little taste of the fraud that took place. Do some research on your own and you will find a lot more. But the mainstream minion media keeps telling the public that there’s no evidence of fraud. The minion media went to bat for the Democrat party for four years telling us the Trump campaign colluded with Russia to influence the 2016 presidential election and used phony evidence to prove their false points, but now they’re telling us there was no election interference even though the evidence we’re seeing is concrete and blatant.
They’re telling us to accept the results with no questions asked. No, thank you, minion media. You’re all a pack of lying scum and should never be trusted.
The facts are obvious right now. Slow Joe Biden is a typical politician who didn’t win the election on November 3, and if he accepts these results we should realize he has no conscience and no concern for the American people; the examples of fraud are so obvious, so extreme that it’s shocking the Democrat party could do this and believe the American public would buy it with no questions asked, which should tell the loyalists that their party’s leaders think they’re stupid; and if this election stands as is, then we know we have become the Banana Republic of America.

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