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Cancel the Clown Show

Welcome to the Great American Clown Show, run by our shadow government and corrupt politicians, sold to us by the mainstream minion media.
This is the continuous sham-melodrama where the American public has too much smoke blown into their eyes to see any reality or truth.
Where’s the smoke? It’s come to us in the form of a fraudulent election where a basement dwelling, rubber-stamped politician received 80 million votes without campaigning. Slow Joe, the stuttering invalid who trips over his own feet as well as over his own words, who wasn’t nearly as popular as his predecessors won a record number of votes nationwide to become president.
How was that possible? The press asked him fluff questions the few times the media minions even got to ask a question; and when they asked a tough question, Slow Joe answered, “The public doesn’t deserve to hear the answer.’’
The witnesses of this deception are so many and so vocal that Biden loyalists have to be Rip Van Winkle not to notice. Does Slow Joe have the courage and conscience to admit that his win was faulty, that he’s not even remotely deserving of an office that high? Probably not, since after all, the globalist powers that be, like George Soros, really want an aggressive tyrant like Kamala Harris as president, not a docile, passive, dolt like Biden.
But wait. That’s just some of the smoke blown in our faces…and elsewhere. It’s also in these idiotic lockdowns that the Democrat governors are grounding us with; as if covideception virus is killing everyone it inhabits.
Has anyone seen the Johns-Hopkins report? The same report that Johns-Hopkins also retracted because the information it gave was more honest than the mainstream minion media story that’s being shoved in our faces? (Here’s that report: https://drive.google.com/file/d/1Tnb1a8TXHj_jJCM2BDfGSriUgdn-2gec/view) It tells us that the death rate in the US has no change at all this year compared to prior years. Deaths by covideception were attributed wrongly as there were much fewer deaths by influenza, heart disease, and other diseases in 2020.
Meanwhile, American citizens are in lockdown, forced to stay in their homes, forced to “cancel’’ Thanksgiving; and now, even Slow Joe is telling us to cancel Christmas. People have been fined for opening up their businesses or gathering in groups of more than whatever the prescribed number is in your specific state while Democrat mayors and governors are traveling on private planes for holiday vacations; eating at swanky restaurants; or having their hair done; all because they’re more important than you.
Since none of you petty tyrants can live up to your own rules and executive orders, we’ll make a point of not paying any attention to them. All those orders for us are marks on a piece of paper, hollow and meaningless.
It doesn’t matter that the recovery rate for all people under the age of 65 is over 99 percent. “You must stay home,’’ they say; these petty dictators and their laughable decrees. Newsom, Cuomo, Wolf, Whitmer, Lightfoot, Garcetti, Brown and the rest are nothing more than a parade of small clowns who follow the fed-level clowns – Schumer, Pelosi, Biden, and Harris.
Most Americans know the reason for these innocuous lockdowns – to justify mail-in balloting. So, what’s the reason for them to continue at this point? Now that you’ve all committed fraud in the presidential election, you can ease up, right?
Nope. Now we’ve got the Great Reset coming up, and all small businesses have to be completely destroyed so the great wealth transfer can be complete. No longer will we be buying goods from mom-and-pop shops, eating at locally owned restaurants. We now have to buy from Walmart and Amazon and other national chain stores because the CEOs and CFOs of the corporate chains are the big shots giving the orders and making the politicians rich. This is fascism.
And the rest of us? We’ll be handing over more taxes while constricting travel to just the workplace so that the environment can be saved from the carbon emissions in our cars.
Slow Joe and Kamala have a lot to gain from a questionable and extremely dubious executive office power grab. Wall Street must have spent the last month intoxicated with the delight of knowing that “our paid-for puppet’’ will be taking office in January. And what about China? Since we know that a Chinese printing company sent thousands of the mail-in ballots* to the US, the CCP must have a lot to gain, too. Slow Joe has said that China’s economic growth will benefit the US, but that’s not true. We lost our manufacturing base to China as well as other countries.
No. It’s more like Chinese economic growth will benefit Slow Joe Biden and his family. And it’ll probably benefit many other politicians, bureaucrats, and financiers.
All of this is what the mainstream minion media is selling to us. And clowns like Fredo, Lemonhead, and Madcow try to make us believe that if you don’t buy it, you’re racist or an ignorant hick that doesn’t know any better.
Real Americans do know better. We know that our politicians, the shadow government, and corporate elites already sold us out to foreign and global interests, and the minion media spits propaganda at the public to get us to believe it’s for our own good.
We don’t have to put up with the bull any more. And as for the incessant clown show – it needs to be put to a quick end.


*Last week’s post, Welcome to America, the Banana Republic, has a link to a Gateway Pundit video of a phone conversation exposing a Chinese company filling an order for copies of mail-in ballots.


Here are two links, one to the Johns Hopkins report on Covid deaths, and the second is Monday’s (12/7) Tucker Carlson show:


Tucker Carlson Tonight 12/7/20 Full | Tucker Carlson Dec 7, 2020 – YouTube


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