Hello.  My name is Phil and I’m very new to blogging.  When I decided to build this site, I wanted to give something to younger people since the study of history is so splintered in high school curriculums.

I plan on giving timely articles on history and current events. Many of the current events articles that are forthcoming will connect to historical events and/or circumstances.

I have a strong knowledge of history and graduated with a Bachelor’s diploma in history in 1990. Later, I received an associates diploma in journalism, so in terms of style, most or all of the articles you will read on this site will have a journalistic style.

I hope to write at least one article per week, as I have a tedious day job that takes up much of my time. When time permits, I intend to write more. I hope those of you who visit this website enjoy the articles.

Thanks to all for your time.


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