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Politicians sell US out to China

Just wait Americans; the sale of the US to China by our corrupt and beholden politicians will be complete soon enough.
Just as soon as Slow Joe Biden takes the oath of office, January 20.
Who is compromised, who is owned by the Chinese Communist Party? We’re finding out and no one knows yet how long this train of abuses on the US will end.
A few years ago, we found out that Senator Dianne Feinstein employed a Chinese spy as her driver – for 20 years. What information, what secrets does he have?
Our next possible president, Slow Joe, has shady business dealings with the Chinese as does his son, Hunter, who told the mainstream minion media he “never made a penny’’ in China, even though he had already made millions. What information will the CCP use to threaten Slow Joe into kowtowing to Xi Jinping’s demands?
It’s funny how this DOJ investigation begins after the 2020 presidential election. It’ll be interesting to watch if this investigation will dog the Biden presidency or if it will get buried forever.
And in the same week we also found out that California representative Eric Swalwell, a member of the House Intelligence Committee, was associated with a Chinese Spy, Christine Feng. No one knows yet if Swalwell was compromised, but should he still be on the intelligence committee? What did Ms. Feng learn from Swalwell? What did she share with the CCP?
An immediate resignation from congress should be Swalwell’s next, and last, step.
These are not just examples of American politicians selling us out, but these are also examples of why term limits are necessary. The fewer the amount of years as an office holder, the less corruption will take place and the less these hacks posing as public servants will be able to be bought off.
This must be why the threat from China was suppressed by the mainstream minion media. It must be why Trump was called a racist for the past 10 months while he called the covideception “the China virus.’’
God forbid we offend the Chinese Communist Party. Since we’re handing ourselves over to them, we wouldn’t want them to be angry with us.
Slow Joe has said more than once that China’s economic growth is beneficial to the US. Notice he never explained how it was beneficial. But you can bet he can explain how China’s growth is beneficial to him. Senator Feinstein could probably give a great explanation, too, on benefitting from information sharing with the CCP.
China has been stealing intellectual property from us for at least the last 20 years. There are Chinese nationals working in our universities, and American university professors are helping and getting paid by the CCP.
Oh, and remember China hacked Hillary Clinton’s weak internet server just a few years ago. Did Hillary allow it to happen? What information did China receive in the e-mails?
So, while the last four years have been spent on Russian and Ukraine collusion, it’s safe to imply that the big, bad Russians and Ukrainians were a smoke screen to keep China out of the news while our politicians got rich selling us out.
Stephen Colbert said that Trump’s mouth was Vlad Putin’s c—k holster. Now, we are discovering whose mouths are the real holsters.



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