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No Freedom, just complacency

Since November 3, we’ve found out the hard way that freedom isn’t free.


For years we’ve taken that statement for granted, and there’s no doubt huge numbers among us still take it for granted despite the blatant theft of the 2020 election by the Democrat-Corporate-Banking class.


Really, we aren’t free at all, at least not nearly as much as Americans were 150 years ago. We saw censorship to an unprecedented degree in just the past two months as people were shadow banned, deplatformed, or had their websites completely shut down by twitter, facebook and other social media.


We witnessed an extremely unfair and emphatically dishonest election take place to get one man out of the executive branch. And we were told to accept it despite mountains of evidence in numerous states that prove the dishonesty.


 We also know that for years our government has been passing laws that have chipped away at the Bill of Rights while we watched it happen and did nothing about it. We are spied on by the National Security Agency, we have limits on gun ownership, we can be arrested and detained indefinitely just because our government considers us a threat, we have no freedom of movement thanks to the covideception virus, local governments can take your property under the eminent domain clause in the Fifth Amendment and use it to expand its tax base, the states slowly have had their power taken from them to make the federal government bigger and stronger.


We sit at home and take it.


Americans have become slaves to their government. This is not a government of, by, and for the people. It’s hasn’t been for many decades but it’s supposed to be. Too many people say, “We can always vote them out of office,’’ but never do. And those few that are voted out are replaced by greater hacks who are even more corrupt.


Americans voted for hacks who eventually became lifetime politicians. These folks have been the worst of the corrupt, where they plead for your vote while being in the pockets of the corporate-banking class. The new president-elect, Joe Biden, is that kind of politician, who spent decades as a senator from Delaware, became vice president, and now had strings pulled for him to be president. As a lifetime politician he made himself and family very rich while doing nothing for the masses except putting more of them in prison since 1994. And he made himself even richer with shady, back-door dealings with China.


Will the Chinese Communist Party be his puppet master on Jan. 21?


Did he win the 2020 election? In seeing all of the obvious deceit at the voter polls in the swing states, he probably didn’t win. Most of America doesn’t believe he won, in fact, most of America believes the 2020 election was rigged in favor of Biden, but today is the day where his electoral win will be rubber-stamped so that he can be sworn in on January 20, 2021.


What will the puppet Biden do once his strings are pulled? Send more jobs overseas to make American citizens more destitute? Give the Fed the ok for negative interest rates? Open the southern border so that corporations could lower everyone’s wages? Take away the First Amendment, even though it’s almost completely gone? Get rid of the Second Amendment even though there isn’t much of it left? He has already talked about forced vaccinations for the covideception and a nationwide mask-wearing mandate for the first 100 days of his presidency. We know he’s going to raise taxes; he said so at one of his very few campaign stops. We won’t have an America-first foreign policy, and we’ll re-enter the Paris Climate Accords, another tax-raiser for Americans.


These are the policies of the so-called “enlightened’’ folks, the progressives, the folks who tell us that the US is a bad country, and therefore, should undermine ourselves, submit, and give ourselves over so that a country like the Republic of Seychelles has a chance to grow and overwhelm the world with its dazzling, potent economic system.


And then there are the fools who don’t vote at all, who helped in allowing a Biden presidency to happen. “Why should I vote?’’ they say. “It doesn’t mean anything, and it won’t make a difference.’’


To them I say this: when there are millions of you who choose to be impotent, it must be a reflection of your daily do-nothing life. You think you are impotent, therefore you are impotent. You are just as guilty of allowing a corporate-banking puppet to be president as those who voted for the corporate-banking puppet. Just as confused, just as indecisive, and just as complacent.


That’s the problem in America: the corporate-banking class runs the show, the confused and complacent vote for it or don’t vote at all, and the rest of us have to settle for it.


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