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Making the Sellout Complete

If you feel as though the USA is falling apart — thanks to a stuttering, stooge, president-elect; covideception lockdowns where American citizens no longer have rights; lockdowns that took your job and you can’t feed your family; corporate-financed, brownshirt mobs that threaten to burn down your home because you own property – have no fear.
The Chinese Communist Party will be in control January 21, 2021 and thereafter, entrenching itself in the American social, political, and cultural landscape until it can’t be extracted with a post-digger and a winch.
News reports have been coming out daily that Slow Joe Biden’s cabinet picks are China-friendly and very ready to cooperate, which means foreign policy with the CCP will be changing — viewing China as a threat to being an ally. An ally?  Are our leaders this dumb? The mainstream minion press has already told us that US foreign policy won’t be an America-first policy, so what does that mean when it comes to China? Hopefully our elected fools won’t cave to the CCP. But consider how much they’ve already sold us out. Chances are, the CCP won’t be any help to the US; it’ll only exacerbate the problems we have and it’ll do so covertly, while it slowly and assuredly takes over.
Not to be pessimistic, but it looks like the CCP will have an open door. No more trade negotiations, no more jobs coming back to the states, back to the status quo where our politicians give and give more with no reciprocation. As Slow Joe said, China’s growth will be a benefit to the US.  Are you sure, Joe, or do you mean a benefit to you and your family?
Yes. The day after Slow Joe Biden and his faux Surgeon General wife, Doctor Jill Biden, will be inaugurated, the sellout of the US will gain a lot more force and velocity.
What will the Biden presidency give to the Chinese? More military secrets in stolen e-mails and computer hacks, more ways to spy on Americans so that they know who can be disappeared at a later date, ownership in American companies, weapons confiscation, land for solar farms and crops that’ll be off-limits to Americans, intellectual property from our universities that will give the CCP the upper hand in all aspects of life, and who knows what else?
And what will the bungling, buffoon Biden and his crony cabinet receive? A series of nice, fat checks through backdoor channels. That is, probably until the CCP has enough control over the US and no longer needs them. That leads to an interesting question: what happens when our sellout politicians aren’t needed any longer? Will they disappear? Will the USA be renamed to China 2.0?
This is what Democrat loyalists voted for. I hope you love how your politicians place foreigners and foreign governments ahead of you.
Here are some links to Biden’s Pro-China policy:
Biden Cabinet Picks’ Links To Pro-China Consulting Firm a National Security Concern – American Defense News
Mark Levin goes off on Biden cabinet picks: They’re all ‘appeasers of China!’ (bizpacreview.com)


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