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A Civilly Disobedient Christmas

It’s Christmas, and time to be with the people that you care about. While our local and state governments are telling us to stay at home, don’t see family, we have to realize that this is a mandate to slow and even stop the spread of what you’re thinking about the current crazy poison that’s consuming our lives.
No one wants to be political at this time of year, especially in 2020. We’ve had partisan politics shoved in our faces non-stop. It’s been so hard to escape that we don’t know where to run to get away from it. There is nowhere to run, and it’s making so many of us feel like prisoners; in our own homes, at work, and anywhere else we have to go to get on with daily life.
For some, this is one of the few times in the last 10 months where you can be with those you love, forget the chaos if you want, but that would probably mean keeping the television set off and not tuning in to your social media.
Turn it all off, and hope it catches so much dust that it crushes our televisions and cell phones under its weight.
We should tune it all out forever; it makes us fight and hate each other; and the politicians with their squabbling and petty bickering where we are the ones who have to sit for it, put up with it, and are the recipients of it, we should tell them to shut up, get lost, and never again give their unreasonable decrees that even they can’t live by. Censor them like they have jumped obstacles to censor us.
Not to forget about it; there are too many injustices that slapped all of us down this year, but chase it out of our thoughts, and hearts, and our souls if it can be done, just for a day. This is the time to be with family despite what the political hacks are telling us. Today is a day where they should not be listened to. And we should not obey.
Otherwise we will be allowing them to kill the joy and the love of Christmas, which they have tried so hard to do.
This time of year, the love and the appreciation you inherently have for friends and family should not, and cannot be taken, to laugh, to talk about old times, tell stories, and to remember what it’s like to be human, not a robot in need of being propagandized, or have your intelligence insulted with the lies we’re being told. Don’t allow yourselves to be swayed by the politics of killjoy officials who enjoy living their life just to make you miserable.
Merry Christmas to all, God bless everyone, and may your homes be filled with peace, love, and many good times.


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One thought on “A Civilly Disobedient Christmas

  1. Thank you Phil, Merry Christmas and God bless you, from Garry and Judy Sent from my Verizon, Samsung Galaxy smartphone

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    Posted by judyharvey | 12/24/2020, 8:54 pm

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