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To all Politicians and Bureaucrats: Stick It

Mask mandates are a waste, and the government clowns that are forcing us to wear them, including Dr. Fraud Fauci the Quack, are nothing more than small people who are inebriated with control.
There is no way anyone should be obeying these orders: wear a mask and stay home. There is a 99.7 percent recovery rate for anyone under the age of 70. That means no one needs to stay home, no one needs to wear a mask. And the amount of positive cases is suspect, too. A doctor in Italy performed a test on a kiwi fruit, which came back positive. 
Don’t believe anything they tell you.
It’s just more smoke blown in our faces by incredibly dishonest politicians and bureaucrats because they have their orders to keep the US shut down and people muzzled until the BS great reset is complete. When it is, all small businesses will be bankrupt, all Americans will be forced to keep quiet, the corporate-banking giants will complete their wealth transfer, and the Federal government, with the help of state and local governments, will be in complete control.
Now that there’s a vaccine, hack politicians and mainstream minion media mouthpieces are telling us that we’ll have to carry papers or download an app, proving that we’ve been vaccinated. There has always been a cure to this covideception. It’s called hydroxychloroquine, and there’s even another that you can buy at your local pharmacy — high doses of vitamin c along with vitamin d and zinc.
No, thank you to the government and mainstream minion fools. This is just a further attempt at control to differentiate the sheep that will take the vaccine from the rest of us who won’t.
We’ve been lied to by government – it doesn’t matter what level, local, state, federal – for decades. Don’t think for a second that we’ll believe you now.
Fraud Fauci the Quack has blown lie after lie to every American citizen as long as the covideception has been here in America. He has been wrong on everything, amended his statements more times than most people change clothes in a week.
No one should believe anything he says, and those who do, place a dangerously unrealistic faith in their government officials.
Our governors and mayors arrest anyone who opens up a business or anyone who doesn’t wear a mask. Meanwhile, these governors and mayors of the major cities are out and about, dining with friends and family as they all order us to stay home and enjoy the holiday season by ourselves.
These idiots then get caught disobeying their own mandates, and give insincere apologies, with smiles on their faces, only because they were caught. And they get pissed off when we don’t obey their decrees? Why should we obey you? You don’t obey you.
All of these clown-politicians: Wolf, Whitmer, Cuomo, Newsom, Inslee, and the mayors, Garcetti, Kenney, Lightfoot, Durkan, and all the rest, it’s your turn to be canceled. Crawl under your rocks in shame like the scum you truly are. You are lying sacks of pig shit; we don’t believe you. We won’t listen to you.
Before your demise, tell your constituents who you are taking orders from, snitch on your puppet masters, and you might be granted a little bit of mercy.


Here is the video of the Italian doctor testing the kiwi fruit:
kiwi fruit test for Coronavirus – YouTube


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