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Letter to my Representatives on the 2020 Election

Note: To anyone who reads this letter; if you are an American citizen and you think the 2020 election was fraudulent, please cut and paste this letter and send it to your representatives and senators in your state. It is generic but covers the issue that needs to be addressed.


As you may already know, there is news reported daily that the 2020 Presidential election is rife with fraudulent votes. The American public has been told that dead people voted; that underage people voted; that ballots were counted without proper adjudication or viewing by the rightful authority; that ballots were run through voting machines multiple times, and that ballots were printed in one state, sent to a second state, and counted in a third state.


Sir, with all of this evidence that has been mounting since November 4, it is impossible to say that there is “no evidence of voter fraud,’’ as the media has been telling us. And after four years of claiming “Russian collusion’’ in the 2016 presidential election, to think that the 2020 election was free and honest, is sheer irony, not just to be laughed at, but to be completely shunned by the American public as a blatant lie.


To think that President-elect Biden is more popular that his predecessors (Obama and Clinton) to gain 11 million more votes, is completely laughable, and more than likely not true, especially considering that he hardly campaigned. The few rallies he held were sparsely populated, and at one of them, more Trump supporters showed up than Biden-Harris supporters.


Polls have shown us that the majority of Americans believe that the election was stolen, which includes those Democrat voters who believe in honesty.


As one of your constituents, I implore you to stand up for the United States Constitution, challenge the electoral vote counts from the battleground states, because we American citizens are losing faith very quickly in our government institutions. I, myself, am at the point now where I cannot and will not consider any of you in the House and Senate my congresspersons and senators.


And I definitely will not consider Joe Biden my president.


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