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In Response to My Senator

Note: I wrote to my senators and representative, Jan. 4,  in the hopes they would challenge electors based on the voter fraud that took place during the 2020 presidential election. Unexpectedly, I received a response from PA Senator Bob Casey. His response is posted below along with a Youtube video of his statement, also posted below. When I received Senator Casey’s letter and watched the video of his statement, I became so incensed I had to write back. Immediately below is my letter of response.


Dear Mr. Casey:
I received your response to my letter urging you to stand up for PA voters. What I cannot believe is that you are telling me that your are standing up for PA voters due to Wednesday’s capitol building breach. What I would like to know from an absentee senator like yourself is, which voters were you standing up for by denouncing the Jan. 6 rally, the group of voters that voted from the grave, those that voted two or more times, those folks that fed the dominion machines with the same ballots multiple times; or were you speaking for those who went to the polls to vote and those who mailed in their ballots on time?
To use your example from the senate floor about “Susan from Lehigh Valley,” who said, “We cannot allow anybody to overturn the legal votes of the citizens of Pennsylvania.” How many of the votes, sir, were “legal”? You have taken Susan, from Lehigh Valley, a bit out of context.
Also, act 77, which allows mail in voting, is fine by itself. The issue you are avoiding here is that fact that mail in ballots were counted for three (3) days after election day, which is unconstitutional. Sir, the two pieces of information you have given above are half-truths.
Besides that, there is the fact that the PA Secretary of State and the PA Supreme court changed the law prior to the election, allowing the above fraud to take place. That is unconstitutional, violating both the US and PA state Constitutions.
As for the 2020 election, fraud was widespread from about 11 pm, November 3, to Friday at 5 pm, November 6. You cannot be serious that fraud did not take place during that time frame. The news is out already that Pennsylvania recorded 200,000 more votes than registered voters. That’s a lot more than Joe Biden needed to win the state of PA. I suppose that it might have looked bad in the eyes of the American public if Biden only won by a bare minimum.
And, by the way, perhaps you can tell the citizens of PA where that tractor-trailer full of filled-out ballots from New York were finally dropped off and counted.
Mr. Casey, you and your staff will not pull the wool over my eyes. Voter fraud was rampant in PA and in the other battleground states. The evidence has been mounting for two months. And it is overwhelming. Your letter talks about disenfranchising voters due to a rally on Jan. 6. But I can assure you that the American public was disenfranchised well prior to that with unconstitutional changes of the law, vote-flipping, over-feeding voting machines with the same ballots, and God-only-knows what else.
This entire election has been a sham — from November 3, 2020 to this moment. I will no longer consider you my senator. You sir, are the fraud for allowing all of this to happen in this state. Where is your integrity? Where is your dignity? Where is your honor? Party loyalty does not supersede an honest and fair election.
Be assured, I will be voting against you in 2024. And I will be passing your awful, lie-filled letter to as many people as possible in the meantime.
Most Sincerely,


Here is Senator Casey’s response to my initial letter from Jan. 4, a prior blog post (my apologies; I had to cut and paste the letter. I wanted to post it as a PDF but wasn’t able to):


Dear Phillip, 
Two nights ago, on the heels of an attack on our Nation’s Capitol, an attempt was made to disenfranchise more than 6.9 million Pennsylvania voters based on a lie alleging widespread fraud and election irregularities in the 2020 general election – the same lie that sowed the seed of that day’s violence.
I took to the Senate floor to defend the people of the Commonwealth of Pennsylvania against these shameful attacks. You can watch my full remarks, here:
In Defense of Pennsylvania Voters
Your vote is your voice, and I believe that it is sacred. As your United States Senator, I will always fight to ensure that our democratic principles are upheld and that the will of the people is carried out.


Bob Casey


Here is Senator Casey’s statement on the senate floor:
Senator Casey speaks on the Senate floor on the objection to PA electoral votes – YouTube


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