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Odds are…

Who will go on the lam first? Will Hillary ditch Bill for a quick getaway? Will Strzok and Page elope to Turkmenistan? Will Brennan run to Iran since he knows Arabic so well? Will Jim Comey become even more spiritual with corncobs?


 Here are the new odds. I hope they’re close to accurate.


Hillary, 2-1… Can she fit all of the Clinton Foundation cash into one suitcase?

w/ Bill, 2-1 … No change with both Clintons. Bill is nothing but a liability to Hillary.

Obama, 5-1… As president, he knew about the whole scandal. Page said so in her texts. He’s got some time before he has to run. Still too many pins to knock down before getting to the ex-Prez.

Strzok, 3-1… Lotta light on this guy at the moment. Does he smell Walmart shoppers or the stink of rats in his prison cell?

w/Page, 5-1.. Will the lovers skip town together???

Page (alone), 3-1 … Must be egalitarian.

Lynch, 2-1… I hope she stays long enough to tell us the conversation on the tarmac.

Brennan, 3-1… Lotsa light on this guy, too. Biggest mouths have the most to hide. Miserable, old coot.

Comey, 3-1… Arrogant schmuck, or lying sack. He might be researching non-extradition countries now.

McCabe, 3-1… Did he really not suggest to his buddy to wear a bug?

Rosenstein, 2-1… Big mouth. Let your superiors suggest a bug; don’t ask, you fool!

Schiff, 3-1… The squidly representative with the scared, bug eyes. Where are the transcripts, Adam? What are you hiding?

Biden, 3-1… Remember urging a prosecutor to get fired? “Well, son-of-a-b… he was fired.”


P.S. Corona virus can be cured with large doses of Vitamin C and zinc. The democrats and mainstream minion press are spouting propaganda. Examples? Hydroxychloroquine scam, jailing citizens for going to work while freeing felons from prison, killing senior citizens with the virus, but still allowing babies to be aborted. Irony is this: in 1967, hippies called American soldiers baby killers, but is it ok to call post-birth abortion infanticide?


 A lot is happening in the US and it seems like things will be coming to a head as election time comes. The Democrat party is falling apart, and it shouldn’t be difficult to see any more. If you can’t see through the haze, you are no more than a puny, mindless pawn who wants to be coddled and controlled by big government.


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