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The Assault on the 2nd Amendment begins

Despite the new cliché, “we’re all in this together,’’ as we cope with being forced to stay home, we are not. The politicians have a different agenda.


As each day passes under home confinement, one thing is becoming very obvious — this nationwide lockdown has ulterior motives attached.


To keep us from getting sick? What a joke.


The news in Michigan and Virginia are showing this ridiculous stay-at-home order is meant for a power grab. And there should be no doubt about it. It’s bad enough people are getting arrested and fined simply for being in their back yards, or for going to church, but Michigan Governor Whitmer is showing the petty tyrant she truly is by threatening to arrest anyone not buying anything but food or medicine. Way to go Guv Whitmer. Just remember to let the good citizens of Michigan know when it’s time to pay tribute to your awesome powers of judgement.


And in Virginia, it gets worse. Governor Northam sees no limits to his power as chief executive. Not only did he just recently rule that IDs are not required to vote, but the rotten, SOB, signed a bunch of measures to restrict firearm possession. The earth ought to be shaking at Mt. Vernon and Monticello. George and Tom are breathing fire from their graves.


Here are the limits on gun ownership and purchases in Virginia now:
1) Requiring background checks on all gun sales in Virginia
2) Re-instituting a limit on handgun sales to one a month
3) Increasing penalties for recklessly leaving firearms near children or failing to report a lost or stolen firearm within two days
4) Allowing localities to set their own rules on the presence of firearms in public
5) Prohibiting those subject to a protective order from possessing firearms
6) Creating a “red flag” law that allows law enforcement to temporarily seize a gun from a person deemed to pose a danger to themselves or others. (USA Today, April 10)


Governor Northam is just too stupid to realize that laws restricting guns are only obeyed by the law abiding. Limiting those who follow the law opens a door of greater opportunity for those who don’t. But that’s not the real objective for limiting or banning firearms. It’s a slow bleed of taking more and more away from those who follow the rules so that they have nothing to defend themselves when the government comes knocking.


And what a better time for the government to come knocking than during a crisis.




Here’s a very articulate video by NRA Spokesman Colion Noir on the new Virginia laws:
VA Gov signs gun control


History’s Observer posted an article recently on Red Flag Laws:
Gun Confiscation Again?



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