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The Covideception-20

Easter services are cancelled, Americans are confined to their homes, and tech companies conspire to test citizens for coronavirus, then create a register to track us based on the virus.


Are these not the best examples of dystopia?


Now that the citizens of the US have given up our rights, just so that we don’t catch a bug only slightly worse than a cold, the Federal government now knows the new, lower threshold we’re willing to drop for that tiny bit of safety.


We Americans have devolved into wimps. Wussies, softies, or whining, crying, snowflake babies. Call it what you want. That’s what we’ve become. And we have a group of faceless leaders smiling to see it. Those leaders now know the new protocol in order to get away with the scandals they want to perpetrate upon all of us.


Each governor that imposed a stay-at-home executive order has imposed on everyone’s individual rights. And some of these governors have enforced it like it’s a 24-hour curfew. Church goers have been ticketed in one state, a paddle-boater was arrested in California, in another state a family of three was arrested for playing in a park, and the Governor of Michigan threatened everyone for being out and purchasing anything but food or medicine. Does that mean the citizens of Michigan will be pulled over, have their cars checked for the items they buy or will the local police be stationed at all stores to make sure people aren’t buying WD-40 or a pack of 9-volt batteries?


At this point it’s tough to believe that this pandemic wasn’t planned, as some of the alt-media have already called it a plandemic. That’s what it seems: force people to stay home in fear, make them clamor for big government solutions.


Think about it. That is, after all, what’s happening. The single and quickest remedy to this virus, hydroxychloroquine, is getting negative press from the mainstream minion press. Why is that, when it’s been proven over again that it’s curing all who take it, including those folks with underlying health concerns? All of the talking heads on the minion press channels are saying that the entire country needs to remain closed until a vaccine is tested. That’ll take another 12-16 months to reach the public. Meanwhile, US citizens cower in their homes, waiting for that vaccine. We’ve already seen that, in just the last six weeks, the economy became a wreck, and it won’t take much longer to slip into economic depression. Then the powers that be – Democrats and shadow government – will be able to grab complete power over the masses.


Is that what the minion press is hoping for? What the Democrat party is hoping for? Everyone’s aware that the Dems and the minion press want Trump gone. Did you ever think they would wreck the whole country just to make that happen? To all of you Democrat loyalists, all of you low-info stooges, that’s what the Dems want. If it’s not obvious at this point, then you are lost, never to be truly awakened.


While the minion press asks their cranky, gotcha questions at the daily press conferences, and the Dem party pushes green new deal policies in the virus relief bills, what are the unseen and not yet known consequences to the stay-at-home order that no one should be obeying at this point?


1) By staying at home, the Dems are pushing to have the Federal government take over all voting authority from the states. Vote by mail is really nothing more than a two-fold, code phrase for vote as often as you can and have as many illegals vote as possible.


2) It’s an attempt to kill the president’s popularity. Since citizens cannot gather in groups of more than 10, there can be no Trump rallies.


3) It hides Joe Biden. The less we see and hear Slow Joe, the fewer people will be inclined to think that he’s as slow as he’s proven to be whenever he speaks. Prop him up in front of a TV camera once every two weeks to spew a sound bite that’s written for him to read, and he ought to be ok until election time.


4) It killed all of the economic success that has taken place over the last three years. With a $23 trillion debt, our economy wasn’t as successful as the pro-Trump people have been touting, but people were working and jobs were coming back to the US. That’s as good as dead now.


5) Will the virus kill trade negotiations between the US and China? The minion press has called everyone racist that says this virus was born in China, and the minion press keeps spouting out Chinese propaganda talking points. What needs to be asked is who will benefit from a US-China trade deal being flushed down the toilet? We have been slowly finding out that the politicians we vote into office have been selling us out to foreign countries, China being one of them. We also know that Slow Joe and his kid made a lot of money in China. We also know that Hillary Clinton allowed the Chinese to hack her weak server a few years ago. What was in those e-mails that were stolen? How much money did the Clinton Foundation make from China? We also know that NAFTA and the other trade deals outsourced hundreds of thousands, maybe millions, of jobs, most of which have gone to China. Which politicians have a stake in making sure that China gets to keep all of those jobs?


6) The Federal government will pass more laws that restrict our rights. Right now, in the House of Representatives is H.R. 5717: Gun Violence Prevention and Community Safety Act, which puts new restrictions on gun owners. One of which is that, in order to purchase a firearm, we must have a Federal Firearm License. You will also be on a nationwide registry, you must store all firearms in a safe or have a locking device on the gun, and all assault-type rifles will be banned.


Is all of this an elaborate scheme at control? That’s what it seems to be.


Big government has been nothing but a disaster. The US government screwed up with the war in Iraq (remember Saddam had weapons of mass destruction?), it screwed up with Hurricane Katrina (how long did it take to get water to New Orleans?), it screwed up with Obamacare (remember, if you like your plan, you can keep it?), and now our government is using coronavirus to make its final seizure of power. Remember: “Never let a crisis go to waste.’’


This virus has been in the US a lot longer than the past 2-3 months. I’ve heard a bunch of people say they had the flu as far back as last November, and all have said that it was worse than prior strains of the flu. I’m not 100 percent sure, but I think that I’ve had it as well. And it is curable at home. There is no reason for anyone to stay at home all day long unless you’re older than 60 and have some type of underlying health issue. All of these lockdown orders are to keep us in fear and for the government to grab more power.


Call it what you want: China virus, coronavirus, covid-19, the common cold as we cower in our homes. All it takes to shake this virus is a few vitamins, physical activity, eating nutritious food. You can shed this bug in your own house.


But what’s worse is that our government is using it to control all Americans. Orwell’s dystopia is becoming reality. Hopefully, we won’t sit for this crap much longer.



P.S. Evidence of a Wuhan Lab releasing the virus.



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