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Dear Mr. Schiff:

Note: Should I send this to Adam Schiff?



Representative Schiff:


You have to be hiding something, or you have a lot to lose. It is so obvious you’re trying get rid of the president that you’ll subvert the US Constitution to do it. Are you crazy?! The real Americans who know their rights and the Constitution know that you’re denying inherent individual rights to the president, and if you can do this to a sitting president, then you will probably do it to the rest of the population in the future because we are… less significant.


We hope you don’t think that way. But it looks like you do. You are chosen to represent a group of people who voted for you. That means you are beholden to them. Here’s the actual term – Public Servant. A Public Servant is supposed to SERVE his constituents – the people who voted for him. Did your constituents vote for you to obsess over the president? I would bet that they didn’t. From the looks of things, it seems like they need you to help get some of the problems fixed in California.


As a Public Servant, Mr. Schiff, you are to do your duty to uphold the Constitution and protect the rights that all Americans have under that document. Right? That‘s our social contract. What you’re doing is completely undignified and against the law as you disregard the Constitution whenever you want.


You want an impeachment hearing even though there’s no crime, you make up the rules as you go, and you do it all behind closed doors like a Gestapo investigation.


Mr. Schiff. Are you there? Do you hear me? Or do have to type in CAPITAL LETTERS?


The president’s Fourth, Fifth, and Sixth Amendment rights have disappeared. Spying, due process, confronting witnesses, having favorable witnesses, making up or discarding impeachment rules on a whim, and doing it so secretly ( Article II).


The real Americans know that this is dirty, and typical in an extremely corrupt Washington D.C. They want it gone, too. You should try to make up for any bad deeds you may have committed by proposing term limits. The fewer of you lifetime hacks holding office, the better.


You’re one of those politicians who is in office for too long, granted your office by complacent voters and stamped in rubber. Adam Schiff, the Great Public Servant from California, LISTEN. You‘ve lied too much.


What ever happened to the evidence that was in “plain sight’’? When did the whistleblower actually contact you, before or after the paperwork was filled out? What ever happened to the second whistleblower? Why is testimony leaked only to find out it’s a lie the next day? Why can’t we find out the whistleblower’s name? Why are you wasting EVEN MORE taxpayer money when we know how this investigation will end?


Is there any new evidence in “plain sight’’ that we’ll need a special pair of lenses to see? How about a fluorescent, LED lens that picks up the invisible ink and is also socialist and diversity-correct? Or, should all of your low-info lackeys just read the transcript to find out where you’re blowing all of your smoke?


Mr. Schiff, you are desperate. You look desperate. With each attempt you try to get rid of an elected president, the more Americans see how much of a fraud we’re being slapped with, as if the public is as stupid as you think. The only stupid ones right now, Mr. Schiff, are those who believe you, and that party propaganda that you’re constantly spewing. And to not realize that there are American citizens who don’t buy your story is a mistake on your part.


They are very aware that this is another coup d’etat.

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