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Gun Confiscation Again?

The federal government has tried front-door attempts and back-door attempts at limiting the right to own a gun.


There were attempts at assault weapons bans, a national registry, waiting periods, universal background checks, banning certain bullets, forcing liability insurance on gun owners, forcing people to buy gun safes, banning the sale of older guns and replacing them with “smart’’ guns. There was even an attempt to stop lead producers from making bullets under the guise of environmental protection; and credit card companies stopped the purchase of guns using their cards.


The left will never stop trying to limit, ban, curtail, and even outlaw the purchase of a gun, or at least certain types of guns. The mainstream minion press has turned guns into the new boogie man as if a gun has the ability to kill all by itself. If you listen to the mainstream minion press, most guns seem to have a mind of their own and, more often than not, have evil thoughts that make them want to kill incessantly. And they do; those evil-thinking, vile, sulfur-smelling, scum-of-the-earth entities that have such ugly hearts and minds that if the government doesn’t confiscate every single one in the US, we’re going to have a national emergency on our hands.


Never mind the babies that are killed by abortion, and the new laws in some states that legalize infanticide. Oops! I mean post-birth abortion.


Now, there’s the new attempt at government-mandated weapons confiscation – Red Flag laws. In the latest attempt at trying to grab complete control over the population, our government is going to make it easy for their true believers – the sheep – to snitch on gun owners who might not show discretion when venting their anger.


If in some way you show that you’re a threat, and in today’s snowflake-ruled world where offense and victimhood are the prevailing statuses for bullying, everyone is a constant threat, the offended victim needs only to snitch to local law enforcement, and the gun owner loses his weapons. No warrant is needed, nor a judge’s signature.


Be careful of what you say and who you say it near; you will be subjected to a knock on your door by the local police or the FBI. A knock? You can probably bet they won’t be knocking, but rather kicking your front door down.


And even worse is that Red Flag laws also come in handy to put a limit on free speech. Now, you must tow the party’s propaganda line. And if you don’t, you’re a threat.


This is similar to a law that British Parliament tried to enforce on the American colonies in the 1760s. The Writs of Assistance were general search warrants that didn’t require an oath, a court order, or a judge’s consent to obtain. Nearly anyone with the slightest bit of power was able to obtain a Writ to search someone else’s home for contraband that was smuggled into the 13 American colonies. Then came the snitching, then came the arrests.


Like Red Flag laws, the Writs of Assistance were a way to provoke fear in the populace. In 1760, you were to behave or your home would be searched. Today, you must behave or your weapons will be confiscated.


You were able to obtain a Writ to search someone’s property based on a hunch, or an assumption because you didn’t get along with your neighbor. Were the Writs of Assistance enacted to divide the population, cause mistrust of each other? Will Red Flag laws do the same?


James Otis argued against the Writs of Assistance in Boston, in 1761. In his argument he said, “Everyone with this writ may be a tyrant. Every man prompted by revenge, ill-humor, or wantonness to inspect the inside of his neighbor’s house, may get a writ of assistance.’’


Otis gave an example of this when a judge called a man to explain why he broke the Sabbath Day Acts. When the judge had finished, the man, Mr. Ware, said, “I will show you a little of my power.’’ Mr. Ware then proceeded to search the home of the judge in revenge of his Sabbath Day violation.


Gun owners have to beware, and behave. Angry leftists, still out for blood over Hillary’s defeat in 2016, or Trump’s collusion-hoax failure, or referring to a transsexual as the wrong gender, or disagreeing with socialism, or expressing that border laws must be enforced, or criticizing free everything, or explaining that taxes shouldn’t be raised, or calling post-birth abortion infanticide, or showing any contrary nature to the culturally Marxist narrative just might get your weapons confiscated.


This might be the last play of the left to grab everyone’s weapons. All of the 2020 Democrat presidential candidates are saying they will take your guns, whether by legislation or by executive order. The left has a dark side, and it wants control at all costs. If they do succeed with this gun grab, it won’t be government by the people any more. It’ll be government by decree.


The US government wants all guns. Not only the ones that the bad guys have.

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