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Gun Confiscation Again?

The federal government has tried front-door attempts and back-door attempts at limiting the right to own a gun.   There were attempts at assault weapons bans, a national registry, waiting periods, universal background checks, banning certain bullets, forcing liability insurance on gun owners, forcing people to buy gun safes, banning the sale of older guns … Continue reading

Celebrating Freedom When We Aren’t

It’s the Fourth of July. For those who actually don’t know – Jay Leno and Mark Dice proved it – the Fourth of July is Independence Day in the US. This is the day that the 13 American colonies declared independence from Great Britain. The colonies ratified the Declaration of Independence on this day in … Continue reading

Federalism: Is It Ending?

No one can argue that our federal government is growing larger. But the problem is that it’s growing at the expense of the states. One of the important issues in the US Constitution is the concept of federalism — the way in which power is shared between the federal government and the state governments. Over … Continue reading

What Are Our Rights?!

One of the problems that Americans face is that we don’t know what our rights are.  Yes, everyone knows that freedom of speech is part of the first amendment in the Bill of Rights. But ask anyone if they can list any of the other rights we have. Most Americans can’t. That’s why we’re slowly … Continue reading

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