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Rambling on how Dumb our Leaders are

What if Donald Trump did collude with Russia?
Not to rig the 2016 election in his favor, but from a different perspective, maybe the opposite perspective. Trump colluded with Vlad Putin to trick Hillary Clinton and the Dem party.
The information in the Steel Dossier was planted for Steel to pluck like low hanging fruit. Besides, there are some sources that have said the Steel Dossier was misinformation. So, either Trump, or maybe Putin, got wind of Hillary and the Dems looking for dirt to cheat to beat Trump in 2016. And either Trump or Putin decided to play them, catch them, breaking the law.
Would the mainstream minion press report that? If it was true, and someone has documents to verify, CNN and MSNBC would run the story as an extremely last resort because of what it reveals about the Dem party and Hillary Clinton. Stupid? Unscrupulous? Definitely corrupt and treasonous.
James Comey spent the last year tweeting all this transcendental, self-righteous junk, standing in cornfields showing off his phony spirituality. Today’s IG report killed it a thousand times, a different way each time. And with his spirituality goes his credibility. The new drip of lying scum being extracted from the swamp.
He’s still in serious trouble, though. He signed the FISA warrants. Bye bye, James. I hope no one visits you in jail.
Trump and his cronies were accused of collusion with Russia for more than two years, now. Impeachment proceedings have begun. But the real colluder was the DNC and Hillary Clinton, both paying for the Steel Dossier and making contact with the Ukraine for dirty information on Trump.
I understand it’s called projection, but the irony is so extreme you have to laugh. The dirt’s out on you and Bill, Hills. I’d leave the US if I were you.
Former President Obama. I know you’re too good, too smart, to read this, but each day new information leads ever so higher up the chain of command that you committed a very dirty violation of the Fourth Amendment. You have an obsession for violating privacy rights: Associated Press, Sharyl Attkisson, James Rosen. Your actions are the definition of tyranny. And you and your loyalists believe that government is a force for good? You have to do good to be good. What are you thinking about? The weirdest fantasy ever.

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    Posted by Andrew Mortenson | 09/16/2019, 7:59 pm

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