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The Dems Comedy of Errors

It’s obvious now. The democrats and their followers are nothing more than a colossal group of imbecilic stooges.


Popular culture, political correctness, and the underlying motivation of cultural Marxism determines the agenda of the Democratic party. Any idea, policy or platitude that benefits the US is unpopular and, by default, either racist, sexist, homophobic, or any of the other -ists and phobias in the rainbow of identity politics.


This is what all of the democratic candidates are standing for now. It’s just too funny, and too ridiculous to watch these folks and listen to them talk. They’re like cartoon characters, one-dimensional at best. Constant virtue signaling, and the joke of it all is that these candidates are serious.


Just let the American public know when you’re going to start nominating by virtue points instead of votes. Here’s how your system can go:


1) If you are gay…100 points.

2) African-American…250 points.

3) Female…100 to 300 points. We have to be careful here, it will depend on the amount of melanin and religious preference, or even non-preference.

4) Muslim…300 points.

5) Hispanic…250 points. Males who are conservative get zero points.

6) Socialist…500 points. Bernie and the rest have to make sure that we’re all equal. Or rather equally      destitute.

7) Virtue signaling on every politically correct issue…unlimited point totals. You know, capitalism sucks, all whites are racist, “I believe her,’’ and on and on and on and on until it makes you dizzy and   nauseous.

8) All of the above… You won the jackpot and automatically win the nomination.

9) Mixed race male…100 points.

10) Mixed race female…200 points (“I believe her. It just rings true.”).

11) White…minus 500 points.

12) Christian…minus 500 points.

13) Gun-owner…minus 1000 (How dare you be responsible for all of the killings of school children. But if  you don’t care about the homicide rate in Chicago and other big cities, that’s ok.)

14) Evangelicals…minus 1000.

15) White supremacists…minus unlimited points. And rightly so.


Maybe the DNC can team up with the odds makers in Vegas, or the NCAA to come up with a convoluted number-point system like the college bowl system to make it as foggy as Scotland Yard, and incomprehensible to the American public. Hey, maybe this system can replace the Electoral College.


This is what happens when popular culture gets involved in politics. The issues get dumbed down or even disregarded. We have to follow the politically correct narrative of the day or we won’t be liked, or our careers will dissolve like fizzy candy in a cup of water. It’s completely ridiculous and absurd. I wonder if Albert Camus is rolling in his grave or laughing at the nonsense.


Bernie Sanders has the youth of the US believing that socialism is the answer to all of our economic problems. But there aren’t many problems right now. This is an equality thing. Soviet Russia, Cuba, and Venezuela (Current event, folks!!) are socialism’s failures. Bernie still wins a lot of virtue signal points, though.


A woman on the American World Cup Soccer team, Megan Rapinoe, stated that she wouldn’t meet the president if the US wins the World Cup. Must be a sexist thing. But she’s awfully confident. I hope she stays that way and the US women win. But too bad she’s not a politician. She’d get lots of virtue points.


Former San Francisco 49er, Colin Kaepernick, didn’t like the new patriotic, Nike sneakers. Now, Nike won’t be selling sneaks that had the original stars and stripes on them. Definitely a racist thing. If Kaepernick were in the running for president, he’d get tons of virtue points. But the flag wasn’t produced from forced labor; Betsy Ross sewed it.


It’s weird that these people, none of which are important in anyone’s life, have this much influence to sway opinions. But blind loyalty and bandwagon issues that stir up emotions are the order of the day


If this was a Hollywood comedy, it would be B-rated because the acting is so terrible. Their stilted, virtue signaling of policy ideas, and mutterings from celebrities where they force you to believe an information-overload of unreal solutions or no solutions at all:


Leave the southern border open. It’s the right thing to do. Meanwhile we can’t take care of our own citizens – homeless, drug-addicted, jobless, and on and on.


There are too many mass shootings. It’s time to confiscate weapons. The Second Amendment doesn’t seem to matter, especially at a time when the federal government is more oppressive than ever and congress seems to be working against the American people.


Give free health care and college tuition because, according to Bernie, Americans would be “delighted to pay more taxes’’ when they get free health care. Really, Bern? Do you believe your own crap?


How is any of this not funny? The irony, the hypocrisy, and the extremely blatant lack of reality is showing human error at its best. Shakespeare might love to watch all of this unfold. But no American can afford to see us devolve into a banana republic.


Too many people need to wake up, and there isn’t enough time.




P.S. The biggest irony of all is that we’ll celebrate Independence Day tomorrow. Someone’s got a sense of humor somewhere.


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