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Time to Boycott the Ruling Elite

The ruling elite leftists aren’t going to let the collusion/obstruction issue go. And it’s awfully annoying to watch that horse keep getting beat when it stopped moving a week ago with the Mueller Report.


Come on leftys, aren’t there new lies to push, new propaganda to spew, new information to twist, spin, or embellish to prolong the agony that’s coming down on you?


Is there no more imagination among any of you? The narrative is dead, and to keep it going by blasting Attorney General Barr is desperate. Desperate enough to see the obvious fear so many of you seem to have. Nearly every Democrat politician in both judiciary committees criticized Barr’s credibility since his senate hearing and his unwillingness to show up for the house version where he’d be putting up with the same nonsense.


The word “credibility’’ has been said so many times that the word itself is unrecognizable and nearly meaningless.


These are the so-called elites, the ruling class, the people who think they know better than anyone how to manage the lives of — or control — US citizens.


No, thank you. You are elected officials – more likely hacks – whose main purpose is to protect our rights, not force on us your dumb ideology that has already failed in other countries.


We watched these penny ante hacks from elite colleges or universities wreck the country with corruption, overspending, a never-ending war, and carving out a population and civilization into emptiness. You profess that you all know what’s good for us while we have watched you raise taxes that don’t benefit us, make laws that benefit you or control us; and you censor those who speak against you, stacking the deck against Americans.


It’s obvious. Almost like the elite, ruling-class goal was to decimate the US and turn it into something comparable to Venezuela.


Is this what the Ivy League and other elite institutions of learning have to offer in leadership? A bunch of clowns that pass laws that restrict or control Americans rather than promote prosperity while nurturing the individual, family, and businessman in this country?


Overeducated, pseudo-intellectual politicians. Many out there call you the elites, but to see such constant mistakes and failings, not a soul among you deserves to govern. All of you folks have to start thinking a little more clearly about the difference between right and wrong. This ideological blithering blather is not what’s needed right now.


Who the hell wants to hear about socialism and global government when families are worrying about paying bills and putting a kid through college? No one wants to hear about the popular topics of discussion in classrooms at Harvard, Yale, and Stanford, especially when they have the potential to become laws that are unrealistic, unworkable, or degrade the US into the status of a banana republic. Keep that crap in the classroom where pseudo-utopias are only dreamed of, not implemented.


The thing the US needs most is practicality. The economy – states and the fed are all in debt and citizens don’t want to keep paying higher taxes.


But no. We have to hear about carbon taxes and that the world is going to end unless cows stop farting, all while Bernie Sanders devises ways to distribute our wealth and still keep his millions.


China’s the biggest polluter in the world. Everyone knows that. Go to China and give them a green new deal and they’ll laugh in your face. XI Jinping will pause a moment to decipher the seriousness of the proposal before he says, “Get lost you dumb American.’’


All of this goes to show the gullibility of most of the population; and that gullibility is based on a lack of knowledge. If you don’t know what’s going on, you will never learn to be skeptical. What is nonsense, and what isn’t?


The real nonsense is the left – Democrats, shadow government, minion press – dragging this collusion/obstruction sham on and on. What information does the left not want you to see?


They don’t want the irony to unfold; that everything Trump was blasted for by the mainstream minion press is everything the Democrats are guilty of according to recent newspaper reports. Hillary and the DNC colluded with the Ukrainian government to find dirty news on Trump. And now, President Obama was involved, his FBI pawns hovered around the Trump campaign like vultures.


If your elite education is so great, and your plans for the United States of America so beneficial, why did you have to sabotage a US presidential election to get Hillary elected? Were you afraid that your ideology wasn’t sellable? Socialism, carbon taxes, censorship, propaganda, weapons confiscation. There are too many Americans who believe this is a list of bad things. Younger people bought the nonsense on socialism and the rest of the list, but that’s only because they’re young.


What makes socialism so great anyway? It’s popularity comes in that socialism will distribute wealth evenly, making everyone equal. Right? That’s a big pile of cow poop and a lot of carbon emissions. You’ll still have a socioeconomically layered system. The rich will be fewer and richer while the rest of us more abundant and extremely poor.


Just look at Venezuela. It’s had a socialist government since Porky Hugo Chavez was elected. His lackey who followed, Nicolas Maduro, is one among the elite ruling class who gets to eat every night while the rest of the population isn’t lucky enough to find a stray cat.


That’s what you politicians are trying to sell to us here? Is there a difference in your world between ideology and reality? Doesn’t seem like it.


And to help the public buy your faulty, theorized nonsense, you censor all disagreement. You know if only one side of an issue is heard while the other is suppressed, the First Amendment is dead. You’ve indoctrinated an entire generation of young people into thinking that the US is evil, that the planet will implode from global warming (or is it climate change this week?), that Trump is Hitler incarnate, that all white folks must die, that unimpeded illegal immigration will make the economy better. Any contrary argument to the above is shut down and the person who speaks it is shamed. This happens all the time. Facebook just banned Alex Jones, Louis Farrakhan, and others. The elites, especially the mainstream minion press elites are responsible for this. Facebook and the tech companies are colluding with the US government to close accounts of people and news sites with unpopular opinions, which is also known as spying since your data is collected and stored as evidence to shut you down.


It’s a lot to sell, but shadow banning, censoring, and shaming into submission and silence makes a tough sell much easier.


Gun confiscation is the one that’s going to be the toughest to sell. Your gullible, low-info loyalists already bought it, but there are still a lot of Americans who know their rights, so good luck on convincing all the gun owners that they shouldn’t own a weapon.


The gun issue is the one that’ll set off a lot of people. Recently, one of the lefty presidential candidates talked about using executive orders to restrict weapon purchases. Most Americans that own guns are aware that the term “restrict’’ is the new way of telling us that there will be bans on weapons. Semi-automatic weapons will be banned first, then others will follow.


Again, just look at Venezuela, which banned weapons a few years ago. It’s almost like Chavez and Maduro knew what was coming.


The American citizens should scream for a boycott of the leftist, elitist, ruling class. Their ideas are bad and they’re only out to degrade the US. Down with overeducated blowhards.


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