Second Amendment

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Your Guns or Your Life

   “No amendment to the Constitution is absolute,’’ said the lame-brained, village idiot that we’re supposed to call president.      And nothing else needs to be said for confirmation of our inherent rights being completely obliterated.      Slow Joe, the faux-executive, might surpass his satellite dish-eared predecessor and Soros puppet, Obama, as the … Continue reading

Final Steps to Confiscation

Background checks are an infringement on your Second Amendment right.   You can say militia, or army, or National Guard, or police, or law enforcement, or military, or three-letter agency, or whatever to try proving the argument that only “certain groups’’ are allowed to handle a gun, a firearm, or weapon.   But there’s the … Continue reading

The Assault on the 2nd Amendment begins

Despite the new cliché, “we’re all in this together,’’ as we cope with being forced to stay home, we are not. The politicians have a different agenda.   As each day passes under home confinement, one thing is becoming very obvious — this nationwide lockdown has ulterior motives attached.   To keep us from getting … Continue reading

Who Does The Second Amendment Apply To?

The Second Amendment does not apply only to the militia or the US military.   Anyone who tries to give that argument is giving a politically correct argument that has no value to the unlimited, or limited, ownership of firearms.   The anti-second amendment folks say that guns should be illegal because too many are in … Continue reading

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