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Final Steps to Confiscation

Background checks are an infringement on your Second Amendment right.
You can say militia, or army, or National Guard, or police, or law enforcement, or military, or three-letter agency, or whatever to try proving the argument that only “certain groups’’ are allowed to handle a gun, a firearm, or weapon.
But there’s the second half that you stuffy, gun control people never mention. “The right of the people to keep and bear arms,…’’ is the statement for the rest of us who are not in the military, law enforcement, and government.
And “…shall not be infringed’’ tells us that we can own a gun with no impediments to access.
This isn’t about safety, and House Speaker Nancy Pelosi saying that the “survival of our children’’ is what’s most important is nothing more than a melodramatic and convenient play on your emotions. When you talk about funding abortion world-wide, advocate partial birth abortions, keep children from going to school, and never address fentanyl overdoses among teens, your credibility dies when you speak about what’s good for the children.
The real issue is that you government people are afraid of us. You know you’re not fooling anyone with the perpetual power grab that’s been taking place since the village idiot was inaugurated. You know that most American citizens will only tolerate your obsession with power and control for so long.
So, we have to revive the gun control experiment. Expanding, or tightening, background checks is a trial run, or a beta test, for something more ominous. Gun owners know what that means.
House bills #8 and #1446 just passed and are now in the Senate for discussion and debate. Both deal with background checks: HR 8 prohibits gun sales between private parties unless a background check is conducted; HR 1442 disallows gun sales until the background check is complete, and adds more time to conduct background checks from three days to 10.
Again, congress is hurting the good guy because of the actions of the bad guy. The House and Senate keep doing the same thing over again. Every time the issue comes up, the government steps in to infringe on Second Amendment rights.
“If fewer people had guns, there would be fewer shootings,’’ a lot of people say.
The new argument combines virtue signaling and gun control — “People of color are being hunted down and killed by white-supremacist-racist-terrorists.’’
Neither statement is true. But instead of limiting or stifling gun ownership, give more people the freedom to carry — either concealed or open. By more people, I am talking about more people who don’t have mental illness, more people who follow the law and are trained and responsible to own and carry a gun.
School shootings would drop like a rock if there were an administrator or two in a school that are always armed. In large cities, school police officers can be trained to carry just like a city police officer.
Background checks will not stop school shootings, inner-city turf war shootings, shootings during home invasions, or any other type of gun-related incident if the carrier has the intent to use it. The best remedy to scenarios like these is to have an armed good guy to counter the armed bad guy.
No, these two bills are to soften up the public, virtue signal that congress is making the effort to stop gun violence. There’s something bigger, and it’s HR 127, which will not only conduct deeper background checks, but will also have a national registry.
And background checks are the last step before a gun registry. The Sabika Sheikh Firearm Licensing and Registration Act, HR 127, will have background checks that dive into much more personal information, not just whether you’ve been arrested or if you suffer from a mental illness. Spouses and other family members will be interviewed. If your background check is successful, the Federal Firearms License that you’ll have to purchase will be accompanied by the make, model, and serial number of the gun you purchase on a nationwide database, which will be maintained by the US Attorney General and accessible to all law enforcement down to the local level. You will have to tell where the gun will be stored in your home, and you’ll have to buy insurance for the gun.
That way, the Bureau of Alcohol, Tobacco, Firearms, and Explosives know exactly where to go to confiscate your gun.
This is probably going to be the last step before confiscation. With all of the executive orders by Slow Joe Biden and the continuous debasement of the US, it’s obvious that the Democrat party and subservient Republicans want control with absolutely no doubt. An armed population provides a lot of doubt that our government will have full control.
The only obstacle between HR 127 and complete confiscation will be a false flag event. The question is when will it happen? Then, the scumbags in power will have us all in line and caught up with the rest of the unarmed populations of the world for their great reset. They’re thinking, “Once we get the guns, there’ll be no stopping us.’’
Remember this: the first battles of the American Revolution took place at Lexington and Concord, MA. What was the British objective? Confiscate a cache of weapons.
If we allow it to happen, we deserve to have our rights taken from us.
House approves gun control bills expanding background checks (msn.com)
Text – H.R.127 – 117th Congress (2021-2022): Sabika Sheikh Firearm Licensing and Registration Act | Congress.gov | Library of Congress


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