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We don’t need no stinkin’ Representation!

Remember learning about the American Revolution in school?
Anyone who knows about our war for independence can argue that it wasn’t revolutionary, and many historians have.
But there is one thing that is obvious as of 2021. The American colonists went to war with England for putting up with less than the crap we’re putting up with now. The slogan, “No taxation without representation’’ was easy to understand; it was one-dimensional. England went straight for the wallet; taxes were easy to see and rail against.


Now it’s more obscure, where dirty dealings are done in dark shadows or in dimly lit offices after working hours. There are more lies and psychology to the swindle. It’s still easy to see, especially now as debasement takes place with velocity that would make Chuck Yeager jealous. With the dominoes that are tumbling day by day, it’s easy to see that we are not represented by those we voted for, including the village idiot in the White House.


“No________ without representation.’’
We can fill in the blank with a lot of words and phrases since Slow Joe Biden was inaugurated and the Democrat party took control of the federal government.


We have our capitol on lockdown, occupied by thousands of National Guard soldiers like a police state, all to protect a bunch of lying, corrupt politicians who are more beholden to their donors than their constituents.


We’ve kowtowed to China by making the “China Virus’’ an illegal phrase and by dishing out millions of dollars to the World Health Organization as they pat China on the back and don’t hold it accountable for spreading the covideception around the world.


We’ve killed thousands of jobs and put thousands of people out of work by stopping pipeline and border wall construction, not to mention putting a freeze on fracking. All the politicians can say is “do coding’’ or “learn another skill.’’


We’ve heard serious suggestions about reeducating Trump supporters, and Christians, and Libertarians, calling every one of them white-supremacist-racist-terrorists, and drone bombing them. How about reeducating all politicians on the proper way to “uphold’’ the US Constitution?


We had a pseudo-insurrection at the Capitol building two months ago, but Antifa and BLM caused billions of dollars in damage to large swaths of our big cities and were called peaceful protesters. And while the Trump supporters at the rally have been deemed from on high as racist-domestic-terrorists, Antifa and BLM have yet to be denounced by a single politician and aren’t even called rioters.


We’ve seen alternative media censored for reporting that the village idiot president is cognitively compromised, corrupt, and beholden to various unelected billionaires and world leaders. We should censor the mainstream minion media for spewing lies like “Russian Collusion,’’ and “all whites are racist,’’ and “there was no election fraud.’’


We have a quack doctor, Fraud Fauci, barking orders on mask-wearing and persuading the public to take an untrustworthy vaccine, meanwhile illegal aliens are pouring over the southern border without being tested and being transported all over the country. Are Fauci and his loyalist dolts conspiring to create more superspreader events?


We have a $1.9 trillion stimulus package just approved that has almost nothing to do with the covideception but instead dishes out taxpayer cash to schools that are closed, to the Affordable Care Act, and to a public relations campaign to get more people to take the questionable vaccine.


We have a bill in congress (HR 1) that ensures Democrat Party control over two of the three branches of government; we have group of bills (HR 127, HR 8, and HR 1446) which put serious restrictions on gun ownership, making it as troublesome and inconvenient as possible to buy and own one; and we have yet another bill (HR 350) on domestic terrorism that singles out white-supremacist-racist-terrorists but not Antifa and BLM.


Meanwhile, as the Federal Reserve keeps printing money for the government that it doesn’t have; the value of the cash in your pocket becomes worthless.


But no matter, our elected officials aren’t representing the American citizen; they’re more worried about the bribes and kickbacks finding the easiest route to their bank accounts. And they’re more worried about virtue signaling to get the extreme left ideological lug nuts to like them, which is why cancel culture is moving forward at a pace fast enough to break the sound barrier.


The “Mr.’’ in mister potato head was cancelled, as was “Mrs.’’ for being too gender-conforming. Wait! What?! Since they’re plastic potatoes, and they are children’s toys, they have no genitals. How gender-neutral does a potato have to be? I suppose the offended are those folks who aren’t sure if they’re female or male.


There is one sure-fire way to find out, though – look between your legs. Yes, your crotch definitively tells you your plumbing, and therefore, your gender. Like the kid in Kindergarten Cop said, “Boys have a penis, girls have a vagina.’’


Dr. Seuss had six of his books cancelled by the half asleep tyrants for depicting some of its characters in traditional garb akin to the homelands of the characters – their ethnic traditions, which should promote the diversity the left supposedly loves so much. But, nope. Seeing a man from China holding a pair of chop sticks is understood more as a sign of hate than diversity. I wonder if Horton is hearing who the hell is responsible for this nonsense. He might be next.


And in the meantime, first graders can learn about transgenderism as part of their curriculum.
The Democrat Party and their lackey Republicans look as if they’re in a rush to squash our country. Confuse, deceive, degrade, and debase is the objective to drop on people who want to get on with their lives. And to do that, the machine has to stay buoyant and in control.


Political machines have existed for decades, but on much smaller scales than a national level. In history class during high school, we learned about Tammany Hall and the Democrat machine in New York City; Huey Long supervised one in Louisiana; and we know all about the great and corrupt City of Chicago and the cesspool of California. In earlier years, the machines in the big cities promised jobs for votes. Nowadays, the Democrat political machines can’t promise jobs, mainly because there aren’t any, but also because the Democrats turned their backs on the working class. They have no need for working people when they want to control everyone. Today’s Democrat machines are infiltrated by hard-core leftists who attach strings to all that they offer the people who’ll vote for them. Today, Democrats have to promise bigger sugar plums than jobs: free health care, free college, free cell phones, a free living wage to stay at home.


And soon enough – especially with a $28 trillion debt — the government will run out of other people’s money. Then it can’t keep you on the freebie system any longer. And when it can’t live up to its promise there’ll be a lot of angry loyalists.


You shouldn’t need to be reminded but here it goes anyway: since when do politicians keep their promises?


You have to see at this point; your politicians are not working for you, not representing you. They are wrecking your lives, your standard of living, and your wallets to hold and keep power and make themselves rich.


We need a new slogan…“No government without representation.’’
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