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Woke ain’t Awake; It’s Tunnel Vision

Wokeism isn’t awareness; it’s a gross exaggeration, a hyperbole, being spread by indoctrinated and brainwashed college kids who only see the world through one lens.
You young folks ought to ask for your money back from the kiddie kolleges that you all graduated from. Instead of the full gamut of an education, you received a one-dimensional indoctrination in social justice, where everything revolves around the concept of Cultural Marxism. Only the crackers can be the racist oppressors because they took slaves and land. People of color can’t be racist because they were the oppressed.
That’s about how it works in fantasy land, right?
It doesn’t matter that recorded history goes back nearly five thousand years, and other groups, including people of color took slaves and land from their own people and non-colored people. But any events that took place before 1619 don’t count. Right? Because we all know America’s racist tendencies began when the pilgrims stepped foot on Plymouth Rock. And that’s all you narrow minded, intolerant children care about.
How stupid is that nonsense? The tunnel vision, which so many of you have, is causing blindness to everything else. Your singular interpretation of the world is as unilateral as Howard Zinn’s cartoonish version of history.
What did your $100,000/year education give you?
Do you know what an astronomical unit is, where instead you learned that astronomy is racist because only white people landed on the moon so far?
How many of you are aware that Africans were the people who captured the future slaves that were sold in the western hemisphere. Already imprisoned and tortured against their will when the whiteys from Portugal and Spain picked these people up on the West African coast as part of a larger trade deal. To inform you just a bit more, slavery has existed for thousands of years before Christopher Columbus.
For that matter, do you even know where the term `slave’ comes from? `Slave’ is derived from the indo-European ethnic group Slavs. Yes, the Slavic people of Eastern Europe were taken as slaves by the Ottoman Turks during the Middle Age years, before the Renaissance. The Slavs were white people, and still are today. Are any of you pseudo-educated kiddies aware of the cruelties that the Ottomans performed on the Slavs of SE Europe? Here’s one example: when the Ottomans attacked and conquered Eastern Europe, soldiers threw babies into the air and caught them with their swords.
But that brings up an interesting question. Were the Ottoman Turks racist? Or is `racist’ a term only dedicated to whitey?
Seeing such one-sidedness doesn’t qualify any of you as woke. The more appropriate terms that should be used are half asleep, uneducated, illeducated, tunnel vision. If you take the feed bag off the horse’s face and remove the blinders, the horse will still see more than you.
This movement, fueled by the mainstream minion press only to keep Americans divided, has got to be the dumbest political movement invented. Usually, a political movement has some intellect to it, but because of your indoctrination, it’s all dumbed down, debased. Socialism is a failure — look at Venezuela — and using it as a prerequisite to make us all equal is a blatant lie.
And if you deviate from the stupid diatribe of the mainstream minion, blithering, babbling heads, you’re a racist. How convenient is it to wrap it up in one package like that?
Extremely convenient. And it’s been going on for years. Former President Obama won a Nobel Peace Prize, then bombs the hell out of Muammar Gaddafi. However, don’t criticize him for it. If you do, you’re racist.
Governor Andrew Cuomo wins an Emmy and makes a fortune on a book on leadership, then the public finally finds out that he placed Covideception, China Virus positive patients in nursing homes, killing thousands of seniors. Then we found out that he sexually harassed two of his staffers. But don’t criticize him, you may be called a sexist or a racist. I suppose “believing her’’ isn’t the mantra of the day any more.
The Covideception, China Virus was spawned in a lab in Wuhan, China, and the US is still committed to giving millions in tax money to the same lab in China for the next few years. But don’t criticize our government for shape-shifting to please the CCP, you just might be a racist.
Dr. Fraud Fauci, the Quack, has been wrong on every statement he’s made about the corona virus, and wants all Americans to get the vaccine. But never, ever question his authority; you might be a racist.
The pseudo-insurrection that took place at the Capitol building, Wednesday, Jan. 6, has been called a white supremacist attempted takeover. But don’t contradict what the mainstream minion media morons tell you even though there is overwhelming evidence that Antifa was involved in the break-in; you just might be a racist.
The most sickening thing to watch is the minion media morons and the idiot pundits that perpetually virtue signal that whitey is the cause of everything bad: that systemic racism exists, that whitey needs to be reeducated, that whitey has to be “less white.’’ Did any of you ever think that virtue signaling is as extreme as it is today because the virtue signaling of prior generations is too subtle for the target audience to notice; that’s why today’s version needs to be over the top, and too cringe-provoking for earlier generations. But don’t point it out; you might be racist.


Yes, wokeists, or tunnelvisionists, slavery was a bad chapter in American history, most likely the worst. But as a unified population that are called Americans, we have evolved beyond that terrible chapter in leaps and bounds. There is a small group of people that are running our government and minion media who are playing this hand for all it’s worth to keep us divided. It’s up to you folks to break free from that chain.


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