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Flushing the Bowl on the Manurestate

Hello, Democrats, their loyalists, and indentured Republicans. You’re making the transition from great republic to Manurestate Banana Republic too obvious. It’s astonishing how the foolish and typical politician you elected is wrecking the US, and how easy it is to see.
And making it more of a tragic comedy is that the strokes of Slow Joe’s pen with all those executive orders is only one of the wrecking balls responsible for everything crashing down.


Dr. Fraud Fauci, the Quack, is still spewing his sludge, and the CDC is standing behind him; China is forcing the WHO to conclude that the China Virus (aka, the Covideception) didn’t originate in China; Slow Joe’s family has gotten rich and continues to do so (How five members of Joe Biden’s family got rich(nypost.com); migrant caravans are moving north; impeachment of a former president; and anyone not on the Democrat plantation is called a racist-white-supremacist-terrorist.


So much for that unity thing Slow Joe was talking about. Here is a list of as many of the crazy and hypocritical things happening up to this point that I can think of (forgive me for that which I’ve missed):


1) The CDC and govt. spokesman, Dr. Fraud Fauci, the Quack, started the covideception scare by telling us we didn’t need masks, now they’re telling us we have to wear two.


2) The above liars along with the mainstream minion press said we needed two weeks to flatten the curve; that was 11 months ago.


3) Our former president and a group of medical doctors told us that hydroxychloroquine gets rid of the covideception at a quick pace, a narrative which was smothered and suffocated by the mainstream minion press; meanwhile the vaccine which was developed without any significant testing is causing adverse reactions and even death to some of the people who’ve taken it. This is not reported by the mainstream minion media. Let’s hope that mandatory vaccination laws aren’t passed.


4) Slow Joe Biden said, before the election, he had a plan to create jobs; but he killed more, and didn’t create any, by stopping construction of the Keystone pipeline and the border wall.


5) Slow Joe said he wasn’t going to stop fracking, but he did, which killed more jobs.


6) Slow Joe said, before the 2020 election, he had a plan to curb the spread of the covideception, but he recently said that he “can’t stop the trajectory of the virus.’’


7) Slow Joe just opened up the border to thousands of illegal aliens, unsure of how many will be carrying the covideception, but is now considering travel restrictions to the state of Florida because it’s governor won’t shut the state down due to the covideception.


8) Dr. Fraud Fauci, the Quack, said last February that we didn’t have to worry about the covideception, then we had most of the states shut down and grownups were forced to stay home like we were grounded until the covideception went into remission. In some states we are still grounded today, businesses are failing, and people are killing themselves because of their isolation and depression. All for a sham cold that has a 99.97 percent recovery rate for folks under 65.


9) Going to church made people more susceptible to the covideception, but burning down cities with large groups of people doesn’t spread it. Huh?!


10) The government doesn’t have to steal your rights in the US Constitution; the corporate-banking elite will violate your rights instead. Bank of America turned in the names of 200 supposed, Jan. 6, rally attendees for some strange retribution; the tech companies are censoring everyone not in-line with the minion press talking points, and anyone who isn’t is branded as a racist-white-supremacist-terrorist and should be droned.


11) Watching the former president play golf and enjoy retirement is scary to the Democrat party and servile Republicans. They think, “The evil seed must be punished at all costs.’’ So, Impeachment, part two, was held this week. Good job, politicians. You’ve wasted more taxpayer money to complete this boondoggle, and divide people more. To make Trump unable to hold office again? That’s a pile of crap. How scared are you now that he’s been acquitted?


12) BLM-Antifa spent the majority of last spring and all of last summer, burning down large swaths of the largest cities. Billions in property damage, innocent Americans killed and arrested for defending themselves and property, and nothing was said except that these weren’t riots, but rather peaceful protests, according to the minion press. The mainstream minion press prodded them, Democrat leaders bragged that they weren’t afraid of the mob. Why would you be when you’re funded by the same CEOs, bankers, and globalists? (MSNBC Reporter Says Riots Not Unruly As Flames Engulf Building Behind Him – Bing video)


13) On the other side, you have Trump supporters protesting a botched – and stolen – election, and they’re called insurrectionists, domestic terrorists, and white supremacists. Democrat leaders are so afraid now that fences and walls with razor wire are built all over D.C.


14) Remember when Bernie Sanders kept praising socialism? And remember when his disciples defended him by saying that “it wasn’t done right’’ in other countries? Are we doing it “right’’ yet? Fourth Amendment right – gone; First Amendment right – gone; Second Amendment right –going (HR 127); no-fly lists; taking your children to reeducate them; drone strikes for Trump supporters; wear your mask; stay in your home; you can’t get your education thanks to the covideception. Looks, pretty much, like Soviet Russia and Nazi Germany. Even an old dog like socialism never changes.



15) Our former president was nominated for the Nobel Peace Prize for pulling our soldiers out of the endless Middle East wars, then Slow Joe sends them back into Syria with his signature. Do you think he prayed for them? Are parents of American soldiers angry yet?


16) Is it not obvious yet? The scumbags in our political offices, these hacks and liars, are forcing this country into a feudal state. The corporate-banking and political classes will be degrading this country and the people in it so they can have complete control of us while getting rich at our expense. If you own property, it will be taken from you, then leased to you; you will be forced to live in predetermined regions, in cramped housing where there’ll be no privacy; you’ll have all your inherent rights taken from you, and you’ll be made to suffer if you ask for them back; you’ll have to pay higher taxes, with carbon taxes and social taxes added, and we’ll be robbed in other ways, like losing your 401k because your social credits were taken for eating too many cheeseburgers.


Are the hypocrisies obvious yet, loyalists? They ought to be at this point. You were blinded with artificial hate, voted for the village idiot, and are now reaping what was sown. That means 75 million much wiser people have to put up with it.




Here’s some real journalism,  telling you what’s really happening:
Pelosi: “I Don’t Even Know Why There Aren’t Uprisings All Over The Country” Over Migrant Child Separation | Video | RealClearPolitics
Kamala Harris Said Riots ‘Should Not’ Stop Last Summer (pjmedia.com)
BOMBSHELL: Top NY Official Admits Cuomo Hid Nursing Home Data So Feds Wouldn’t Find Out (thegatewaypundit.com)
CDC Exposed: Inflated Covid Deaths By 1600% Throughout The Election, “Violated Multiple Federal Laws” Peer-Reviewed Study Finds…State, Local Governments Must Act (thegatewaypundit.com)


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  1. If anyone wants to add to this, feel free to post in the comments. I will cut and paste it into the article. Don’t be vulgar, is all I ask. Thanks.


    Posted by pm | 02/14/2021, 5:37 pm

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