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Nullify the Power Junkies

You may think it arguable, but the US Constitution is the most important document that our country is based on.
Most reasonable, straight shooting Americans believe that. The Constitution is the basis of how our government is set up. It’s a document that doesn’t give privilege and power to a king or dictator; it actually tells us what privileges and powers our elected officials should not have while enumerating the rights and powers of the citizenry.
Government is answerable, beholden, obligated to its citizens. And it shouldn’t be any other way for this country, its government, and its citizens to perform democratically.
But the times we’re living in aren’t normal – not even close. Politicians cave to the mob, the mainstream press prods the mob along with the help of some politicians, and the violence and resonance of the mob helps push policy that’s completely opposite the Constitution  — defund police, arrest citizens defending their property, equal outcomes supersede equal opportunity, a monthly wage instead of a job, stay-at-home lockdowns for a virus that’s no scarier than a bad cold, open borders where illegals have more freedom of movement than US citizens, freeing felons from prison, arresting people for not wearing facemasks.
Come on. There are dozens of dystopia novels in print, but who would’ve thought that in today’s reality we’d see all of them combined. Who out there thinks that the Constitution is being upheld by our elected officials?
The Constitution’s most basic function is to protect the rights of the citizens of the US. “Life, Liberty, and pursuit of happiness’’ are the three basic, inherent rights that must be protected, and the above policies by our President and congress, governors and state legislatures, mayors and city councils do not protect the citizens or their rights.
Government, and the politicians that run it, are power hungry. Because of the covideception, we’ve been ruled by mandate and decree for a year. Little to no freedom of movement, mask wearing, stay home. Just look what the Democrat party has done since Biden was inaugurated: executive orders killed jobs instead of creating them; opened the border, causing a mad rush to unfair citizenship, flooding the job market, and potentially lowering wages. And with the Democrats in control at the federal level, we’re seeing bills created to single people out for not agreeing with the mainstream narrative; greater attempts at gun control, perhaps confiscation; a covideception relief law that barely gave relief to anyone.
Does any of this help or protect Americans? Looks more like it’s designed to help and protect the politicians running the show while throwing table scraps at the American citizens.
“To hell with the Constitution,’’ our politicians are thinking. “The main priority is protecting myself and making money doing it.’’
Through American history, the openness and even vagueness of the Constitution has caused a lot of debate. One of the recurring arguments was about nullification, or whether a state had the right to “nullify’’ a federal law it interpreted as unconstitutional.
The first time it came up was after the Federalist Party passed the Alien and Sedition Acts in 1798. With these laws, freedom of speech was stifled; criticizing the John Adams presidency and US government could get you jailed and fined if you were an American and deported if you were an immigrant. The Adams administration put 400 journalists and newspaper editors in jail.
Thomas Jefferson and James Madison responded with the Virginia and Kentucky Resolutions, which started the nullification debate. Even though the Alien and Sedition Acts denied free speech, the laws were allowed to stand until they expired in 1801. (Virginia and Kentucky Resolutions | Definition, Authors, Significance, & Facts | Britannica)
An even bigger and more threatening debate came in the 1830s as South Carolina wanted to nullify the Tariff of 1828, which caused economic problems for the state. (Nullification Crisis | American Battlefield Trust (battlefields.org). This time, in one of the first issues leading to the Civil War, SC threatened to secede.
Now, the issues are all over the place, but none of them seem to benefit American citizens. Resistance is important, but it has to be done without fear of being called racist by default. We can start nullifying at an individual, local level. We can nullify the mandates of mask wearing and staying home. Since the vaccine has possible health problems related to it, we can decline taking it. We can decide to make a living differently without any level of government hearing about it, putting yourself in a better financial situation, and maybe skipping out on some income taxes.
While the tunnel visionist, unwoke mob burns down the cities, busts windows, and says the Constitution is outdated and racist, Americans can make the document work at the local level by nullifying those that are trying to control us. It’s imperative to find a way, or find your own way by being far away from the system.
The value of the Constitution and how the document guided the US to become a better country shouldn’t be an arguable issue, but in our deconstructed society where value is just a relative term when one flaw can kill 1,000 virtues, it means nothing.
For as unwise as that sounds, there are people who believe it. And they should be nullified, too.


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