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Your Guns or Your Life

   “No amendment to the Constitution is absolute,’’ said the lame-brained, village idiot that we’re supposed to call president.


   And nothing else needs to be said for confirmation of our inherent rights being completely obliterated.


   Slow Joe, the faux-executive, might surpass his satellite dish-eared predecessor and Soros puppet, Obama, as the greatest gun salesman in the country. But then we know why as he, along with his slug-like, scumbag politicians in the House and Senate, kill the Bill of Rights with the swoop of his handy-dandy ink pen and one-sided laws being pushed in congress.


   Are you all still on board with the Biden, or Pelosi, or Schumer, or George Soros agenda – paid for with globalist cash —  to remake the US into the cesspool that it’s quickly becoming, loyalists?


   Probably so, since freedom, liberty, and civil rights run completely against the mandates you favor, that have slapped down the entire American population for the past few decades.


   Of course no amendment is absolute when you disregard and try to supplant the Constitution with one-party rule and absolute power. Once you kill the Second Amendment, the rest will be easy. You’ll rule by decree, not govern and protect.


   Phony president Biden proposed executive orders on gun control that will most likely do what all other gun control measures did in the past – penalize law-abiding Americans while doing nothing to the perpetrators of shootings.


   One is the regulation of ghost guns, which are partial firearms that can be assembled at home after purchasing each part individually. The issue here is guns that can be pieced together don’t have a serial number. Slow Joe’s mandate is to have serial numbers on these guns so they can be tracked. The other is a stabilizing arm brace for hand guns, reducing recoil. Neither of these will stop gun violence if a criminal is set on killing.


   The most threatening regulation to gun owners is the proposal of a `red flag’ law. This gives law enforcement the authority to confiscate the weapon of someone posing a potential threat. The problem with a red flag law, however, is that police can show up at your door, issuing a court order to take your gun for a minor spat with your spouse or neighbor.


   Anything said can be misconstrued into a threatening statement, which a stranger can then use to point you out to law enforcement, even if you’re at your kid’s soccer game.


   And in today’s easily offended society, your brief moment of testiness can be branded permanent, and you’ll never retrieve your gun.


   But there’s a more fearful issue at stake here: as large cities continue to defund police, free criminals from prison, and allow Antifa and BLM mobs to burn and loot, the need to defend yourself and your home becomes greater.


   Slow Joe added that nothing he proposed infringes on the Second Amendment. That’s a blatant lie. But that’s what politicians do to get the public on board. Like wearing a mask to stop the spread of the covideception, and getting the experimental vaccine — it’s all for the public good. It’s the government way of telling us there are more important matters to tend to than your civil rights.


   And now that gun violence is being sold as a public health concern, your right to own one is outweighed by those who are scared by government propaganda that the guns themselves are an evil entity. All ready to load themselves, walk out of the home, and kill, kill, kill.


   Meanwhile, in the last year murder rates have risen in almost every major city: 39 percent in New York City, over 55 percent in Chicago, and over 35 percent in Philadelphia, to name a few. Do you really want to be caught without a way to defend your home and family as crime rates rise and police departments are defunded?


   The foolishness of making millions of law-abiding gun owners pay for the actions of a few isn’t a convincing or logical argument to stop shooting deaths or other crimes with guns; it’s to grab more control over the population.


   This blog has already mentioned gun control laws that might soon be in the books: HR 8 and HR 1446, which focus on debilitating background checks, and HR 127, which will create a national gun registry. In the Senate, the Assault Weapons ban of 2021 was introduced by Senator Dianne Feinstein last month. The intent is to ban 205 different guns classified as assault weapons and magazines that are more than 10 rounds.


   And again, this will not slow or stop gun violence since the only people affected by these laws are those who follow the law. You know, the people who won’t kill. Meanwhile, what law will stop a criminal before he pulls the trigger on you in your home when he’s dead set on swiping your valuables for his next heroin or crack fix?


   Another question that needs to be asked is this — will we need a gun when the covideception experimental vaccines become mandatory? Despite the mainstream minion media attempt to cover up the negative side effects, and deaths, of the faulty vaccines, they’re becoming mandatory. It’s happening in Canada and other countries; will it become mandatory in the US? If weapons are confiscated, you can bet on it.


   Notice the amount of shootings that have happened since the village idiot was inaugurated. Our government is ramping up the necessity to take your guns; with each shooting, the longer gun control and potential confiscation stays in the news. This is a strategy to get public opinion to turn on the Second Amendment and gun owners.


   And if it succeeds, you’ll need 30-round magazines that you don’t have to fight off the government to keep your gun.


   Let’s ask Slow Joe one more question – if no amendment in the Constitution is absolute, then why should we pay income taxes to the federal government?


   If he wants to keep infringing on our Second Amendment right, we should push to have the 16th Amendment nullified. Since “We the People’’ are really in charge of our government, let’s make it so.


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