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Group-Think be Gone

The time of free thinking has been over for quite some time. But now, it’s so much easier to see that it smacks you in the face like white light from the Andromeda Galaxy.
Don’t go screaming racist for typing “white’’ before light; just know that white light is the hottest form of light. That’s for all you dippy doodles who’ve been indoctrinated instead of educated.
Group-think is the popular from of thought in our screwed up times. Hand over your guns so the government doesn’t fear you; slap that mask on your face so that the government doesn’t hear you; get the faulty, experimental vaccine so the government can track you.
In other words, “do what we tell you. And if you don’t get on the government group-think bandwagon, we’ll make your life miserable.’’
The stuttering, village idiot that we’re supposed to call president called it “Neanderthal thinking’’ if you stray from the mainstream minion media narrative. But how can you not say, “to hell with that thinking?’’ It doesn’t make any sense.
That all white people are racist by default is not just a stupid assumption, it’s propaganda as well as an indoctrination technique. And in schools – nationwide – white students are being told that they need to atone for their systemic racism, or white privilege, or whatever the new trendy phrase is to make whitey feel guilty for nothing. If I lived in a school district that had Cultural Marxism and identity group-think ideology as part of its curriculum, my kid would be home schooled from the first day.


Math isn’t math anymore because it’s racist to have a definitive, logical answer; so lower the standards so that children of color can have a blurred field of the exactness of mathematics. Because, in the surrealistic world we’re living in, 9×9 is not only 81, but it could also be 3, or 52, or 197 if you can explain how you came to that conclusion. And if that’s the case, then we can have a slew of answers: instead of assigning a number as the answer, a child can say, “9×9= red because nines look like hot colors,’’ so the same child can also answer as yellow or orange since they’re hot colors, too.


No offense, lefties, but you’re crippling these children for life: the black kids by lowering education standards, and the white kids by dishing out a lifetime guilt complex. And the part that’s screwed up is that many – hopefully most – of you convoluted leftists will come to your senses, and this stupid fad will pass, but you’ll have wrecked an entire generation of kids before it happens.
This isn’t about race. It’s an attempt to keep Americans fighting and bickering with each other as a distraction while elitists grab and keep power. It’s not too difficult to see at this point. If you lefty politicians and donors did care about people of color, you’d be trying to solve the problems in the big cities to stop people of color from killing each other.


So, instead of introducing programs to push crime rates down, defund police forces and free convicted felons. Wouldn’t common sense tell us that these measures would cause crime to rise? No. Residents of the big cities had to find out the hard way; now, all cities are experiencing rising crime and murder rates. But not in the areas of cities where the wealthy, white, progressive, lefties reside; they’re the idea makers, the folks who’ll make your life better.


Virtue signaling fools that they are.
How many people have been verbally chastised in grocery stores to put a mask on or wear it the correct way? I have a few times since the symbolic muzzles have been mandated, but who knows what we’re supposed to believe? There have been so many mixed messages on this covideception crap that the mandates are meaningless.


Now, we have the vaccine, which has some serious side effects. But if you get the vaccine, Slow Joe, the village idiot, told us that we still have to wear a mask.


What the hell for?!


Luckily, there are some governors with common sense who’ve thrown out the mask mandates in their states. But not all. Governors Whitmer (MI) and Brown (OR) are still forcing the masks; while here in PA, Gov. Wolf isn’t letting up on the face diapers.
Hopefully, these little people getting high off their power will face the consequences of their stupid decisions.


Way back in February and March, 2020, Dr. Fraud Fauci, the Quack, told us we didn’t need to worry about the covideception. A few weeks later he was predicting two million deaths because of it. He then told us that the masks wouldn’t help in spreading it, then he said we have to wear one. And then two or three. Lately, this fool is telling us we still have to wear a mask even if you got the vaccine.


Does this mean the vaccines don’t work? Certainly sounds like it. Since Dr. Fraud Fauci can’t make up his mind, he isn’t worth listening to. Nullify that indecisive fool and the idiots in the mainstream minion media who are pushing this dumb story and praising Fauci, the Quack, for being so scientifically beholden.


And those guns; anyone who owns one must be careful. It might just unlock your cabinet or safe, load itself, and kill its owner.


To the group-think fools, it’s not the gun, it’s the idiot pulling the trigger. This sophomoric argument, given by people who know nothing about guns, is old, worn out, and just plain dumb. You want law-abiding people to sacrifice their weapons because of crimes perpetrated by criminals and people with mental illness. Defund police and free felons from prison, but take away a citizen’s right to defend themselves. Do you think us gun owners are as dumb as you folks? To let you lefties know we’re not, we laugh at your arguments to justify gun control.
We all know, at this point, it’s the biggest power grab of all. Once you confiscate American citizen’s guns, you will take away all rights.


All of this nonsense is what the leftist fools, idiot politicians, mainstream minion media want you to believe. How can you? At best it’s like watching a cartoon; at worst it’s a mortifying degradation of our lives and our country.
Nullify the group-think because it’s causing serious problems. Nightly newscasts from Lester Dolt, to Lemonhead and Fredo, to Madcow should be preceded with the disclaimer, “Watch at your own risk. Lies being peddled as truth are damaging to your psychological health.’’


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