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The End Nears, But “What if..?”

You all know there’s been a lot of documents declassified lately that reveal tons of dirt on the Democrats, shadow government, and mainstream minion press. The democrat party has been using this corona virus as a smoke screen to control us and cheat the 2020 election.   And remember there was the collusion scam, the … Continue reading

Celebrating Freedom When We Aren’t

It’s the Fourth of July. For those who actually don’t know – Jay Leno and Mark Dice proved it – the Fourth of July is Independence Day in the US. This is the day that the 13 American colonies declared independence from Great Britain. The colonies ratified the Declaration of Independence on this day in … Continue reading

More Choices, More Freedom

Who doesn’t like to have choices? Except for the indecisive. There are millions in all areas of life: candy bars, hairdos, beliefs, personalities, cars, jobs, professions, tv sets, desires, music, places to travel and the means to do it, pets, toilet paper, kitchen décor, flavors of coffee, and on and on. It’s the variety that helps … Continue reading

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