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Here come the Lords of the Manor

Feudalism. Actually, socialist feudalism. That’s where we’re heading right now.
Who remembers from school what feudalism is? Most people probably don’t remember, and today, most aren’t even taught feudalism. Social justice group-think and dimwitted critical race theory took the place of history and literature classes. Most that don’t know and don’t care might think, “that was a long time ago, and it’s an obsolete economic system.’’ The others that don’t care are those who don’t have an opinion on the archaic system, which will probably freak these folks out the most when they’re living it.
Feudalism was a socioeconomic system, the dominant one of the middle ages (approx. 700-1250 AD). And historians would argue that feudalism is not a form of slavery, but it definitely was.
After the fall of the Western Roman Empire, Europe fell into chaos, and people wanted safety and protection. That’s why the feudal system evolved. If you were a peasant, your entire life – from childhood till death – revolved around work. Priests taught their flocks to wait to be rewarded in the afterlife, not to better yourself while among the living.
It was depressing, it was demeaning, and it turned the majority of the population of Europe into meaningless, expendable chattel.
Does it yet sound like the life you’ll be living under the green new deal, or the Great Reset after we “build back better’’?
For safety and protection, you were forced to live on the manor. The manor was lorded by a noblemen, who either owned the land or was granted the land by a king. The Lord of the Manor made the rules, barked out the commands, and distributed the punishments when needed.
Under the lord were the knights, who protected the manor. And then the clergy, who indoctrinated the peasants into accepting lives of drudgery.
And this is why the peasants slaved all day on the farm – to provide for the upper classes. If you were a lucky peasant, you might be able to plant your own garden so that your family could eat. And red meat was rarely in the diet of the peasants. They ate porridge for most meals.
Meanwhile, the lord, knights, and clergy enjoyed much tastier meals at the peasant’s expense. Peasants were not allowed to leave the manor unless permission was granted, and they had to pay rent to the lord and a tax to the church, which came in the form of farm goods since actual money was hard to find and was hoarded by the king and nobles.
There were no freedoms or rights of any kind.
Does this ring any bells yet? Those who follow the corporate-government-mob group-think will probably say no. But those who are truly awake are already aware that with Agenda 21, Agenda 2030, overwhelming the economic system with freebies for as many as possible, including illegals; laws being made to benefit and protect the corporate-government class; billionaires and foreign governments buying up land; and hedge fund managers buying up properties to rent to you, it’s only a matter of time.
Remember Klaus Schwab, of the World Economic Forum, and his Great Reset. Remember Slow Joe Biden and the phrase, “Build Back Better’’? Maybe this will be the clincher…“You will own nothing and be happy.’’
By owning nothing and being forced to accept it is exactly what the peasant’s lifestyle was like in the feudal years.
But wait. Isn’t the American dream owning your home?
Not any more. Now there’s a new American dream, which is more of a nightmare. Renting your way to prosperity. Is it possible to become prosperous when you pay rent perpetually? Remember, when our lifestyles have changed to the point where the Great Reset takes place – rather, the New Feudalism – the corporate-political elite will micromanage our lives, kill our spirits and souls long before our bodies are chucked into the ground.
You must rent anything you’ll need, including the roof above your head; you won’t own a car, freedom of movement will only mean the distance you’ll travel to work and back plus you’ll be slapped with carbon taxes; there will be food lines, probably on a daily basis, and remember, according to the climate activist junkies, cow flatulence presents a dangerous threat to climate change, so red meat won’t be available. Vitamin supplements will take the place of a balanced diet. We’ll be eating genetically modified crap, grass or weed burgers, insect soufflé, and synthetically-made vegetables because land buyers like Bill Gates will make himself Lord of the Manor and do little while squeezing as much as he can out of the peasants who’ll be renting from him.
Isn’t the thought of our future exciting? “Let them eat porridge,’’ Bill Gates might say in the near future. Or, maybe, Klaus Schwab, or George Soros, or Nancy Pelosi will say it.
If you think it’s funny, that’s fine, but the changes are being made and implemented.
We are all coming to learn now that the Covideception wasn’t about a virus. With all of the posturing and flip-flopping on what was best for your health and what wasn’t, the American populace, and the world, still doesn’t know what exactly to believe.
We do know that a remedy existed long before the untrustworthy, experimental shots. Hydroxychloroquine was the cure that we were told wasn’t a cure because it caused heart problems, which it doesn’t. But it is ironic, and horrifying, that young folks are experiencing heart problems from the vaccine. And there were simpler cures, like a vitamin c, d, and zinc cocktail.
No. The covideception was to find out what the corporate ruling elite could get away with. And we allowed them to get away with too much. Never-ending lockdowns and mask-wearing mandates. And the biggest phony, Dr. Fraud Fauci, the Quack, is telling us that a new strain may cause more lockdowns.
If we are grounded, we can’t leave the manor.
Slow Joe Biden, the faux president, killed energy self-sufficiency by ordering a halt to construction of the Keystone pipeline. Cyberattacks on the Colonial pipeline and food production and distribution have already happened, raising prices, and we were told this will happen more often in the future.
Meanwhile, our Southern border is flooded with illegal aliens who are being flown and bussed all over the country, putting a strain on the economy.
House Bill 350, the Domestic Terrorism Prevention Act of 2021, foolishly singles out white supremacists as a threat to the public welfare. Nothing is included concerning Antifa and BLM despite these groups burning down the big cities of the US last summer. And no doubt they’re on call to do it again once the information on the Maricopa County, AZ, vote audit comes out.
Just a few days ago, Slow Joe threatened gun owners with retaliation by way of F-15 fighter jets and nuclear weapons. His upcoming spending – the infrastructure bill — is forcing the US deeper into debt. The twisted thinking in focusing on identity politics in every, single office, cabinet department, armed forces group, city council, academic subject, and on to infinity, is simply another way our government is digging a deeper debt hole, and divide all Americans.
How about now? Does it sound familiar?
If you loyalists truly hate the US so much that you have to try converting it to a third-world cesspool, then move to a third-world cesspool. Get over yourselves. You’re not that smart. You have more ego than brains.
One of the things I’ve noticed in my life is that those who assume stupidity on others always show their own.
Those of you who jump for joy that government is coming to help you don’t understand that we’ll be at the bottom of the social-economic scale, and much more destitute. We will be living on the government manor – or the Bill Gates manor – providing for the lords of whichever manor you’re designated to labor on. You will be paid a pittance. You know that $15/hour wage so many have promised? Thanks to inflation and endless money printing, you’ll have to choose between paying rent or eating each month. Meanwhile, if you say anything against the life that was chosen for you, you’ll get cancelled and be called racist by the tech companies, the mob, the politicians, and the mainstream minion media.
It’s this simple: the corporate-political class will be at the top, living luxurious and hedonistic lives while the rest of us, the peasants, bust our humps to work for them and their donors.
That’s our modern-day socialist feudalism.
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