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Growing tired of the Nonsense

    At its best, government is an intrusive necessity. With regulations, taxes, even certain laws, most American citizens are hamstringed from exercising their rights or living the way they choose to live.
    But our federal government is assuredly not at its best. Not even close. Both elected officials and unelected bureaucrats are degrading the US at a pace that can make heads spin. People are overwhelmed at the barrage of nonsense and lies that we must accept:
    1) Mandates on masks and vaccines when we know the covideception isn’t as threatening as we’ve been told.
    2) Censorship of true opinions contrary to the misinformation being forced on us.
    3) Histrionic politicians calling an inconvenient protest, January 6, an insurrection.
    If you are truly awake, not a woke Marxist, you know these are only a few points of the craziness being forced on us . Whoever is in charge at the moment – and it isn’t Slow Joe Biden – is “transforming’’ our country and not for the better.
    Someone like Ben Franklin would say, “It looks like you couldn’t keep the republic after all.’’
    If there are people living in the US that are okay with this, then they’re either not Americans, completely blind to the drastic changes taking place, or don’t care because they’re unaffected.
    And at this point, it’s impossible to be oblivious to what’s happening.
    Corporations and the federal government are colluding to control all of us. This is real fascism.
    But don’t call on antifa to fight against it. They’re fighting for government doleouts because now that the antifa kiddies are old enough that mom and dad won’t take care of them, they want a new mommy and daddy to pick up the slack. Enter the US government and the “fundamental transformation of America.’’
    Take away their cellphones and their destructive tendencies, and they are nothing more than impotent little girls and boys.
    The inherent rights we have are very quickly being taken. Censorship has been extremely obvious since 2016. YouTube channels are being deplatformed, twitter accounts are being shadow banned, and any prominent voice that comes out against the government agenda is blasted and shamed for being racist, even when they’re not talking about racial issues.
    Twitter, Facebook, and Google are private companies and can censor whoever they want, but this is done at the government behest, which makes it a violation of the First Amendment.
    It’s okay to disagree as long as you’re arguing about flavors of ice cream, but don’t disagree with the government propaganda narrative or you’ll be shut down and labeled a white supremacist-sexist-racist-terrorist-homophobe.
    What’s taking place right now is a government purge of anyone who believes the 2020 election was rigged in Slow Joe’s favor, who doesn’t want to wear a facial mask as the weaker delta mutation is hyped up by Dr. Quack Fauci, and who isn’t willing to take the faulty and suspect vaccine with all of its unknown chemicals.
    Is your soul for sale, loyalists? Your freedom is at stake in a country that was free at one time, however, who even remembers when. Freedom isn’t supposed to be negotiable here. When Slow Joe, and the DOJ, tell you that you have to get the vaccine to get your lifestyle back, that’s not freedom.
    And your freedom is not contingent upon others. Those who are not vaccinated at this point don’t trust the vaccine and don’t plan on getting it. These are the folks who don’t trust the lies that the government is spewing. When Fraud Fauci and Slow Joe’s puppet master flip-flop on the pseudo-science as much as they have, there is no reason to trust anything they say.
    “Everyone has to be vaccinated,’’ our politicians and bureaucrats tell us in a calm and coddling tone so the masses don’t get riled up. The part they’re leaving out is the “or else.’’ New lockdowns, mask mandates, and a booster shot of the covideception vaccine is what’s coming up. “Do what we tell you,’’ our politicians are saying, “or you will be ostracized from the Democrat-servile Republican plantation.
    And the corporations will be involved here, too. Under the guise of protecting their customers, you won’t be allowed to go to a ballgame, board a plane or train, enter a restaurant, go to church, go to the theater, to school, and soon enough to the grocery store.
    The fear is already being spread. Fraud Fauci is telling the world that the delta variant is extremely dangerous. The Governor of Alabama has said the unvaccinated need to be separated from the vaccinated, and Slow Joe is calling the coming new wave of cases “the pandemic of the unvaccinated.’’
    Not a word of this should be believed. These folks change the story too often for any of it to be considered fact. The covideception narrative is about control, not to protect you.
    It’s all to keep the sheep on the plantation, the folks who don’t think or care about much at all, the folks who want to be controlled by the government because they have some stake in following and believing in the propaganda.
    If you don’t buy the bull, you’re one of the bad guys and have to be singled out. Look at the January 6 commission, which started this week. House Speaker Nancy Pelosi and her lackeys are still trying to paint the protest-riot as an insurrection.
    The worst insurrection in American history. Hundreds of thousands of unarmed Americans waving flags, not even brandishing torches and pitchforks let alone guns. But you have representatives Kinzinger and Schiff crying like little girls who lost their puppy love, saying that it was a threat to democracy. In reality, it was an attempt to save the integrity of the election process, which was more democratic than their whining, phony tears.
    Which brings up an ironic point: why is there no House commission to study the riots of last summer? Businesses and police stations were burned, sections of cities were commandeered by rioters, people were killed, livelihoods were crushed, property was damaged, and fireworks were used as weapons while the perpetrators were bailed out and charges dropped.
    Meanwhile state and local politicians rubber stamped the riots and called them peaceful. Is there a single soul out there that can legitimately explain why?
    Remember what Orwell told us: “political speech and writing are largely the defense of the indefensible.’’
    This is an attempt to kill the souls of individual Americans, demoralize you to the point of giving up. We’re at the point now where it’s not just your wallet that’s in danger, but your lives are, too.
Hawley: ‘Really Scary’ to Have the Government Tell Tech Companies ‘You Need to Censor’ (breitbart.com)
Debunking the scaremongering over the ‘delta variant’ of COVID – American Thinker
Mask mandates return as COVID-19 cases rise – CBS News

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