American Revolution

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Odds are…

Who will go on the lam first? Will Hillary ditch Bill for a quick getaway? Will Strzok and Page elope to Turkmenistan? Will Brennan run to Iran since he knows Arabic so well? Will Jim Comey become even more spiritual with corncobs?    Here are the new odds. I hope they’re close to accurate.   … Continue reading

Who Knows Their Rights?

The Bill of Rights was added to the US Constitution in 1791. While most American knew what their rights were back then, most do not today. How well do you know the rights you have?   Each of the rights violations below is a violation of the rights in the Bill of Rights. Which right … Continue reading

Teacher Versus Student

The theme of teacher versus student is an old one. In fact, so old that it’s a cliché — a cliché that’s played over again in TV shows and movies.   But here’s a real version of that tired, old theme.   The teacher was Jeremiah Gridley. The student was James Otis. The time and … Continue reading

The Final Straw For the American Colonies

The American Revolution began as the result of a culmination of rights violations and taxes over the course of a 14-year span of time. All of those violations and taxes just fueled the American colonist’s fire of hatred for the British Government. There was one final straw that put the Americans over the edge — the Coercive Acts. … Continue reading

The Best Laid Plans Don’t Always Lay Smoothly

Overconfidence can lead to downfall for individuals and groups alike. It has caused investors to lose millions of dollars and sports teams to lose games they should have won. It also causes countries to lose their colonies. The government of the British Empire had an overabundance of confidence when dealing with its 13 little colonies … Continue reading

The Social Contract Is Broken

The job of government in a democratic country is to protect the rights of its citizens. At this point, though, it doesn’t seem like that’s happening. The rights we have are eroding at a quick pace and we have less economic opportunity and freedom. Citizens are willing to give up their rights for safety and freebies rather than be … Continue reading

Causes of the American Revolution And How It Relates To Today

If there is one recurring theme throughout human history it’s that attempts at economic hegemony have a tendency to lead to wars. Rome versus Carthage, Allies versus Axis, the Spanish-American War are some examples. The American Revolution was no different. England, in debt from fighting the French and Indian War, tried to force the American … Continue reading

Trust Government?

  Americans are a people of little faith – in government. And we should stay that way.   In the past 16 years we’ve been lied to a lot. Remember when George Bush told us about the weapons of mass destruction being produced and hidden in the deserts of Iraq? We went to war, destabilized … Continue reading

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