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Two Peas In The Pod

Love her or hate her, no one can question the ambition of Hillary Clinton. The woman set her sights very high and despite the accusations of corruption, and the e-mail scandal, she almost made it to the highest political office in the land. Two attempts at being president, and no wins. At least she can … Continue reading

Checks And Balances

The creators of the US Constitution should be considered a group of wise men.   But in today’s ideologically charged atmosphere, where political correctness and Cultural Marxism reign, historical revision and reinterpretation have reduced Benjamin Franklin, James Madison and the rest as the supreme oppressors of the world.   Even though they helped to create … Continue reading

To Rig Or Not To Rig An Election

Everyone knows that this presidential election will be one of the most contentious in U.S. History. The ideologies are extremely different: Donald Trump wants to bring back the lost industrial base to the United States while Hillary Clinton wants to continue the policies of the Obama administration and add a few tweaks of her own … Continue reading

The Social Contract Is Broken

The job of government in a democratic country is to protect the rights of its citizens. At this point, though, it doesn’t seem like that’s happening. The rights we have are eroding at a quick pace and we have less economic opportunity and freedom. Citizens are willing to give up their rights for safety and freebies rather than be … Continue reading

Do Politicians Only Look out For Themselves?

The Bill of Rights was added to the U.S. Constitution in 1791. But it only took seven short years for the U.S. Government to attempt its first assault on citizen’s rights.   And the U.S. Government won.   The Alien and Sedition Acts were passed in 1798; just in time to protect the Federalist party … Continue reading

Who Does The Second Amendment Apply To?

The Second Amendment does not apply only to the militia or the US military.   Anyone who tries to give that argument is giving a politically correct argument that has no value to the unlimited, or limited, ownership of firearms.   The anti-second amendment folks say that guns should be illegal because too many are in … Continue reading

Causes of the American Revolution And How It Relates To Today

If there is one recurring theme throughout human history it’s that attempts at economic hegemony have a tendency to lead to wars. Rome versus Carthage, Allies versus Axis, the Spanish-American War are some examples. The American Revolution was no different. England, in debt from fighting the French and Indian War, tried to force the American … Continue reading

What Are Our Rights?!

One of the problems that Americans face is that we don’t know what our rights are.  Yes, everyone knows that freedom of speech is part of the first amendment in the Bill of Rights. But ask anyone if they can list any of the other rights we have. Most Americans can’t. That’s why we’re slowly … Continue reading

Trust Government?

  Americans are a people of little faith – in government. And we should stay that way.   In the past 16 years we’ve been lied to a lot. Remember when George Bush told us about the weapons of mass destruction being produced and hidden in the deserts of Iraq? We went to war, destabilized … Continue reading

The Three Branches

Is there an American out there who knows how our government – the United States Government – is set up? It’s not that difficult to find this out.   The United States Constitution explains how our government is structured. It is split into three branches as everyone should know by the time they are in … Continue reading

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