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The Ununited Banana Republic of America

Our third-world, dystopia is taking hold.
The Ununited Banana Republic of America is the new totalitarian state that occupies the middle of the North American continent; where families are threatened to have their children taken from them for reeducation; lists of opposition voters are being made for surveillance, and anyone who didn’t vote for the stuttering invalid, Slow Joe Biden, Nov. 3, 2020, will now be targeted as a domestic terrorist.


When does the genocide begin for all who are unwilling to spout the prescribed narrative of the mainstream minion media?
Thank you, Democrat party; shadow government; and subservient, indentured Republicans. You got your wish; you’ve turned the former United States of America into a cesspool to get absolute power over the citizens. We saw that you political hacks wanted power at all costs because you’re beholden to either China, the globalist elite, the corporate-banking class, George Soros, the shadow government, the Obamas, the Clintons, or all of the above; and we watched it happen with a long, slow bleed of one scare tactic after another to deceive or distract: the covideception plandemic, mail-in voting ballots with unconstitutional rules changes to allow anyone to fill out one or more with no signature verification or on-time postmark, a fraudulently conducted election, a pseudo-insurrection where brown shirt-mobsters in Antifa undermined a peaceful rally, unprecedented censorship on social media, and another draconian covideception lockdown.


All to make sure a foolish old man, a typical politician, can be inaugurated president of the Ununited Banana Republic of America.


And, in less than a week, the idiot-fool, Slow Joe, is already degrading and undermining the country:


1) The Keystone oil pipeline was nixed with one executive order, killing energy independence.


2) Wall building on the Southern border is halted. Is this the beginning of open borders while being a nanny state?
3) Biological males can compete in female sports if they identify as female. Good luck getting an athletic scholarship, girls.
4) We reinvaded Syria. The former US was getting out of the Middle East, an end to the perpetual wars in the region for the past 20 years. Slow Joe’s puppet masters can’t have that happen.


Slow Joe also forced a mask mandate on all Federal property, which he and his family then broke a day later, visiting the Lincoln Memorial. And thanks to our Corporate-Banker–owned representatives, there will soon be a domestic terror law in the books, focusing on anyone who is not on board with the mainstream minion narrative. According to this law, it focuses on white supremacist groups, but where are those groups, and what have they done to provoke terror in the populace? This is a law that should be for the Antifa and BLM goons since they’re the groups terrorizing the citizens in the big cities. But since they’re still allowed to run rampant – in Oregon and Washington – without anything being said, domestic terror doesn’t apply to them, most likely because they’re the paramilitary of the Democrat party.


This is only the beginning. The entire First Amendment to the Constitution has been decimated to get Slow Joe into office. The next infringement on our rights will be the death of the Second Amendment. Don’t be surprised if there is some kind of orchestrated event or false flag to make the mainstream minion media begin its campaign to ban guns – not just auto and semiauto rifles – all guns. Anyone want to set odds and take bets that something like this will happen before the end of 2021?
And once weapons are confiscated, that will be the absolute end to our country: FEMA reeducation camps for those not following the group think, indefinite detention for misusing a pronoun, 30 days in the slammer for a cracker who grows a beard that looks too intimidating.


How much longer until the genocide starts? There’s one thing that will be certain. While the Bill of Rights will be burned, the Eighth Amendment will be the only one to stay, and it’ll be redefined to be as broadly interpreted as the length of a White Carnival cruise ship: cruel and unusual punishment will not exist in the Eighth Amendment as all punishments will never be cruel or unusual enough to inflict on half the citizens of this country.
Just what this country needs — to be ruled by mean-spirited but easily offended snowflakes. 




Excellent article on Gateway Pundit about the beginning of the Totalitarian takeover of this Country:
The Purge and Reeducation – How Radicals Are Quickly Implementing a Communist Coup of America (thegatewaypundit.com)


Here is a link to the Domestic Terrorism Prevention Act of 2021:
untitled (house.gov)


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One thought on “The Ununited Banana Republic of America

  1. I am white? I’m not albino. Yet I am mis-intersectionally-categorized as a terrorist?

    I value freespeech therefore I hate the world?

    hatespeech is freespeech. Only unpopular speech needs protection.

    Wear the submission mask? NOPE

    Vote with my money? YUP

    Walk into every store without a submission mask? yup. Loudly confront people with an absurd policy prior to leaving? yup. Empowering others to be courageous IS AMERICAN.

    > How much longer until the genocide starts

    There is already an American Holocaust. This new government is the suffering we deserve for tolerating live child offerings to Molloch. Oh, no, not sexual ethics. “get out of my bedroom”. Deary, you haven’t begun to see oppression.

    God will have mercy once we end the American Holocaust.

    Liked by 1 person

    Posted by America home of newspeak cowards | 02/23/2021, 5:52 am

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