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We See You; We Caught You

Anyone who pays attention to the current cultural landscape is aware of how the system is rigged against us little people.
You can’t have the president you voted for because we have different plans for you, the political elite won’t say, but have been thinking the past four years. Just stay in your homes, shut up, and take it like well-behaved little people is what they expect.
And even though we knew the financial system also has been rigged by crony capitalists, we found out for certain, this week, that we can’t make money at the expense of the financial elite. While short selling and insider trading is all well and legal if you’re a billionaire hedge fund manager, it’s not allowed if you’re Joe Schmoe looking to buy a few shares of GameStop (GME).
What all this looks like is the powers that be are ramping up the velocity to degrade, demoralize, and debase the hearts and minds of the American people since the falsely elected Dictator, Slow Joe Biden, was inaugurated last week.
Jobs have been killed, the National Guard and regular military occupy Washington D.C. like a totalitarian state, the gender line has been blurred even further, anyone who questions the integrity of the 2020 election gets censored, the pause on oil production is making gas prices rise, we’re invading the Middle East again, our foreign policy is “America second’’ or third or fourth, you’re prohibited from calling the covideception the “China virus,’’ Dr. Fraud Fauci, the Quack, is telling us to wear two masks, there are serious trust-related questions about the covideception vaccine, Washington D.C. is on a domestic terror alert, and the city is erecting more fences and barricades.
The only thing missing is taxes haven’t risen yet. But since we’re rejoining the Paris Climate Accord, changing the world’s mind about transgender folks, and paying for worldwide abortions, rising taxes won’t be too far away.
Not one bit of good news has come from the Biden Administration as he signs one executive order after another with no legislative process involved. Slow Joe himself said before the election that rule by executive order is dictatorship. Well, welcome the dictator, whether it’s Slow Joe himself or his finger puppet masters. It’s obvious that Slow Joe is beholden to his donors: the corporate-banking class, the Democrat party, the minion media, and the globalists.
And the only thing we’re allowed to do is sit and suck on it like joke candy. Remember garlic gum?
But the above lists aren’t all; there’s actual legislation coming out soon to demoralize and degrade Americans even more. One is H.R. 127, the Sabika Sheikh Firearm Licensing and Registration Act, which puts restrictions on Second Amendment rights. You’ll need a license to buy a weapon and the ammunition to go with it, you must undergo a psychological evaluation, and you must have insurance on the weapon. Also, certain guns and magazine capacities will be unavailable, and there’ll be a nationwide database, so that when it’s time to confiscate weapons, the ATF, FBI, CIA, and any other 3-letter agency will know who has the weapons and how many you have.
The other is the Domestic Terrorism Prevention Act of 2021. This one singles out white supremacist groups, which is good. But that’s all it names in the bill. There is no mention of Antifa or BLM in the bill, which is bad. If you can’t smell the rat here, there’s something wrong with you. For years, the mainstream minion media has been calling everyone a racist who disagrees with the prescribed narrative. Trump and his supporters have been called racist, among all the other -ists and phobias they’ve been slapped with, all of which are untrue. And anyone else – Libertarians, Christian groups, even free thinking Republicans, etc. — who aren’t in line are branded the same. So, does this mean if you don’t follow the group-think, you’re a white supremacist? If you question the validity of Slow Joe’s dictatorship, you’re a racist white supremacist? This bill sounds like specific people are being singled out, mainly white folks. You’ve all heard it on CNN and MSNBC as their talking-head pundits lumped all white people together as racists, which is so foolish an exclamation, the mainstream minion media ought to have been sued for slander.
But that won’t happen since all the false threads in the group-think storyline are backed up with threats and censorship of those who deviate.
Ask yourself one question – Is Slow Joe Biden looking out for America’s interests? It doesn’t seem so. And since this is the case, whose interests is he prioritizing?
What’s happening to the US is nothing more than a high-velocity slap-down by the corporate-banking-political class. This elite group wants to decimate and degrade the populace so it has complete control. Their problem, however, is we’re seeing the corruption first-hand. We’re seeing that the rules, the laws, are rigged against us; we’re not just assuming it any longer.
Most Americans are not sheep; and most of us will not put up with the constant slaps in the face for much longer.


Here are the two House bills that are in committee right now:
H.R.127 – 117th Congress (2021-2022): Sabika Sheikh Firearm Licensing and Registration Act | Congress.gov | Library of Congress
untitled (house.gov)


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