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Welcome the Criminal Puppet

Tomorrow, Slow Joe Biden will be inaugurated the 46th President of the United States.


The day after, Slow Joe Biden will be the puppet of the Democrat Left and the globalists. Censorship of small government advocates, freedom lovers, Trump die-hards, and anyone who simply wants to be left alone to govern themselves will take on greater velocity.
George Soros will say to Slow Joe Biden, “Jump.’’
Slow Joe Biden will ask, “Where to and how high?’’
House Speaker Nancy Pelosi will tell Slow Joe that, “taxes must be raised.’’


Slow Joe will ask, “How much?’’


Nancy will respond by saying, “We have to rejoin the Paris Climate Accord, we have to go back to what we were paying NATO, and we definitely have to change public opinion about transgender diversity in all of the other countries of the world. So,..taxes have to go up a lot.”


Slow Joe will say, “You got it, ummmm. Ummmm. Who are you again?”


It’s bad enough we’ll be allowing an illegally elected, do-nothing into the White House, but that typical politician, Slow Joe Biden, will be the “yes man’’ of all that is screwed up in the US – the ideology of the far left – socialism, gun confiscation, forced vaccinations, censorship, “reprogramming” the opposition in the name of unity, and on and on and on.
Nancy Pelosi will say to Slow Joe Biden, “We must silence our enemies. All those insurrectionists that broke into the Capitol must be dealt with swiftly, forcefully.
Slow Joe Biden will answer in an appeasing tone of voice, “Yes, Ms. Boss Lady.’’
Slow Joe Biden will then push for a new assault weapon ban, and most likely a hand gun ban. He will reward the tech companies for burying the dirt on Hunter’s laptop scandal. Since the tech stocks are plummeting, Slow Joe will give them a bailout. He will listen to his cabinet members and the talking heads in the mainstream minion media – Fredo, Lemonhead, Madcow – about reprogramming his opposition, you know, the people who are aware that Slow Joe broke the law in Ukraine, forcing a lawyer to be fired for investigating his son’s company; an extreme conflict of interest when, as vice president, he helped work out a deal for Hunter to make millions in China; and anyone who questions the validity of the 2020 presidential election.


I wonder if Hunter ever said, “Thank you, Daddy.’’


Maybe not, since Slow Joe commandeered some of that cash for himself, most likely for dementia treatment therapy.


Nancy Pelosi will say to Slow Joe Biden, “We need to get that wall knocked down.’’


Slow Joe will ask, “Which one?’’


Nancy will then say, “All of them. In New Mexico, Texas, and in Arizona.’’
Slow Joe Biden will say, “Oh. Those walls,’’ thinking that Nancy initially meant the makeshift walls and fences that surround the Capitol to protect the government from the insurrectionists, even though there was no insurrection, Wednesday, Jan. 6.


“The caravans must be allowed to overwhelm the southern border,’’ both Nancy and George Soros tell Slow Joe Biden.
Slow Joe says, “Yes, Boss Lady and Boss Man.’’ But he doesn’t ask why because this is the one thing he remembers. The job market has to be flooded to its saturation point. After all, the corporate bankers donated millions to his campaign. But more importantly, Slow Joe knows the next Democrat candidate for president won’t need to have the same votes counted more than once.


What we have here is a fraudulently elected president that is too cognitively disabled to lead a country. He is an insecure man, which is why he had to make up stories about “Cornpop and the chain,’’ and about getting arrested while trying to meet Nelson Mandela. He has done nothing as a senator, except put more people in jail for minor crimes. He plagiarized his speeches. He is a criminal, making deals in foreign countries to make him and his family rich. And while his criminality – and his soul as a human – gets away untouched by the law and by his own conscience, those of us who question his lifelong fraudulence will end up with smeared reputations or being reprogrammed to believe he’s legitimate.


This clown, this phony, who calls himself a president will never be my president.


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