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Battle of Wills

The events in D.C. give the impression of an exercise in which side has the stronger will: the president or the shadow government.
Last year, President Trump fired then-FBI Director James Comey, and the mainstream minion press called it a coup. It was a ridiculous statement, a very stupid statement that showed that the minion press relies on the ignorance and apathy of the American public as it pushes its propaganda.
Now, with the news that keeps coming out, we’re seeing a real coup unfold before us, and Mr. Comey, who is just one small fry in a big stack of small fries, is still involved.
The shadow government, mainstream minion press, members of both political parties (but it seems mostly democrats), Queen B Hillary, and even Obama are involved in this colossal effort to get rid of Trump.
All those people versus Trump. How can you not root for the underdog here? Especially knowing that our government isn’t an institution to be trusted. One scandal or lie after another should make all of us think that something shady is going on at all times: Iraq has weapons of mass destruction, if you like your health care plan you can keep it, we have to pass the health care bill to find out what’s in it, surveillance of the press, Benghazi happened because of an anti-Muslim video on Youtube.
And that’s only the last two administrations.
What else is there to make American citizens see that we’re lied to all the time? Oh yeah. The phony dossier that started the Mueller investigation to get the president impeached. And it’s not a conspiracy any more. The Queen B paid for the phony information in it and the shadow government tried to use it against the president.
The problem that all of the above groups face is that the Queen B lost the election, and their sinister scheme is blowing up in all of their faces.
Trump has been dogged by both the shadow government and the mainstream minion press since Election Day, 2016. In the nearly two years since the Mueller investigation started, nothing has been found to incriminate him, but there has been plenty of dirt on the Queen B.
Since the dossier was fiction and the FISA warrants obtained dishonestly, shouldn’t this investigation have ended already? It should have stopped in its tracks and shifted toward the Queen B and the democrats since that’s where the scandal was initiated.
This shady scheme is coming out for all the American public to see. Most likely, however, the mainstream minion press will deflect attention or intensify the Trump bashing (can it get more intense?) to keep the light off the Queen B, Obama, and some members of the shadow government.
For those who believed the mainstream minion press last year when it called the Comey firing a coup, you are seeing a very real coup take place. No one expected Trump to have the stamina to put up with all of the bashing, but he’s been able to deal with it and made it look easy. His will to see the shadow government exposed is probably a big part of what keeps him going. So is the fact that he wants to see Americans prosper.


When the shadow government bureaucracy attempts to overthrow a democratically elected president under stealth, that bureaucracy needs to be changed. That’s why — one by one — they’re being fired. Who has the stronger will?
Here is a list of most of the members of the shadow government that either have been fired or demoted since all of the revelations in the spygate scandal:
1) Sally Yates
2) James Comey
3) Andrew McCabe
4) Peter Strzok
5) Lisa Page
6) John Brennan – not fired, but had security clearance revoked
The cost of trying to force an outsider out of office? Remember, if this effort was made to push out Obama, all of the pseudo-progressives would be SCREAMING racism.

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