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Naughty Hillary

Ever notice that the longer Mueller’s investigation goes on, more dirt turns up on Hillary Clinton?


1) Before the 2016 election HRC gets a ticket out of jail when then-FBI Director James Comey exonerates her from the 33,000 emails on her faulty, personal, bathroom, e-mail server. The mincing and changing of phrases from ‘’gross negligence’’ to ‘’extreme carelessness’’ got her off the hook. What’s the difference? Doesn’t negligence and carelessness mean the same thing or is there someone who’s crazy enough to differentiate?


2) HRC and the DNC pay for the fake dossier that creates the Mueller investigation to find dirt on Trump. HRC indirectly colludes with Russia to find phony dirt on Trump that proves he colluded with the Russians to find dirt on Hillary. Wait!! What??!!


Since the dossier is fake, and the whole Mueller investigation is based on the dossier, shouldn’t the investigation have ended?


3) Lately, we see that HRC gave/sold information to China, or allowed the Chinese to hack her bathroom server to swipe thousands of e-mails. What was the information in those e-mails? Isn’t that treason?


4) Uranium One. Clinton Foundation received a $145 million donation for giving Russia 20 percent of American-mined uranium.


5) Going back to the debates, HRC received debate questions from Donna Brazille, who was at CNN at the time. And the people at CNN say they are not a biased news organization?


6) Debbie Wasserman-Schultz awards HRC with super delegates that should have went in favor of Bernie Sanders.


7) The death of Seth Rich? Ok. That can’t be pinned on her. Yet.


Remember how all of the polls in October, 2016, predicted HRC would win in a landslide? And yet she lost — BADLY. Something sinister was done. The mainstream minion press embellished those polls, or made them up completely to discourage Trump supporters from going to the voting booths. Could that be?  Fake polls from fake mainstream minion press, a phony dossier… HRC and the DNC must have been horrified to see that she really didn’t have a leg to stand on against Trump.  Maybe that’s why she kept having dizzy spells and losing her balance.


HRC isn’t just dirty. She’s super scummy. And so is Bill. But watching this silly-ass soap opera unfold has been very entertaining. HRC and the clowns in the shadow government who pulled this stuff off better go to jail. 


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