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Beware of False Flags

Okay folks. It’s time to use history for its original intent – to stop something bad from happening.
Most Americans – at least those that are awake – have no trust for the mainstream minion press these days. It’s obvious to a shocking extent that the minion press is either controlled by the shadow government or the democratic party. Probably both.
We also know that both of the above are scared: the shadow government because the president is exposing them and rooting them out little by little, the democratic party because of the recent economic growth we are witnessing at the moment and because its platform is as empty as a crumpled paper cup. It might be a great time for a false flag event; not like it never happened before.
The US has a rich history of starting wars dating back at least 120 years. Here is a list of past false flags which got us involved in wars that killed too many Americans and made too many unknown big shots rich:
1) The U.S.S. Maine –1898. The Maine’s boiler room overheated, exploded, and took a cache of ammunition with it. The Yellow Journalist press was the most complicit as it embellished that the ship was sabotaged by the Spanish while docked at Havana, Cuba, Harbor. We were involved in the very short Spanish-American War and inherited the colonial lands of a defeated Spain. Americans died in the name of imperialism, not democracy.
2) World War II – 1941. Word has come out over the past few decades that President Franklin Roosevelt knew well in advance that the Japanese were going to attack Pearl Harbor. But did nothing. This one is hard to grapple with because Hitler and Japan needed to be defeated, but knowing the dishonesty of how we got involved has to make you question the motives of our government.
3) Gulf of Tonkin – 1964. The U.S.S. Maddox was attacked by a North Vietnamese PT boat. Well, that was the line we were fed the next morning. Then we found out 50 years later that it didn’t happen. Until the War on Terror, the Vietnam War was the longest in US history. At that time we worried about the “Domino Theory,’’ which meant that if one country fell to communism, then another would, and another, and another, until the whole world was communist. Some of the Antifa freaks might love that, but we – the American public – fell for that lie. The few countries that actually fell to communism were considered third-world at the time, and some of them still are.
4) Planes hit the World Trade Center buildings – 2001. Mossad? Saudi Arabia? The Shadow government? There are enough articles and reports of what happened, who was involved, and who got rich in the process that it would give you a headache if you tried to count them all. But remember, Building 7 went down 7-8 hours later that reporters televised before it actually crumbled to the ground. It united the country, but too bad it was around a phony narrative. Thank you mainstream minion press.
The numerous attempts to get the US involved in World War I can be considered false flags, but do you really think that Ambassador Zimmerman wanted his telegram to be intercepted for President Wilson to read? That’s a stretch.


What about the Civil War? The divide between North and South was brewing since the Constitution was written. Even though attempts were made to keep a war from happening — Missouri compromise, Compromise of 1850 – the idea of western movement exacerbated the pro- versus anti-slavery arguments. So, the cannonading of Fort Sumter could be considered a false flag event.
Will the next false flag event happen with China? With the dreaded Russians? Hillary would probably want that. How about North Korea? The mainstream minion press keeps telling us we’re going to die because of something that Trump did, whatever it was.
Weren’t the tax cuts late last year supposed to kill us? The meeting with Kim Jung Un? The mainstream minion press loves to whip up the histrionics and keep us scared as kittens.
The point here is that we need to watch out. We know of the past, and we have to apply it to the future. We know there is a shadow government and thanks to some new awareness more of us are awake today than ever before. False flag events got us involved in too many wars, and we should be wise not to let it happen now.

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2 thoughts on “Beware of False Flags

  1. I like what you guys are up too. Such smart work and reporting! Carry on the superb works guys I’ve incorporated you guys to my blogroll. I think it will improve the value of my website 🙂


    Posted by Aurelio Richan | 09/21/2018, 2:48 am
  2. You are a very bright person!


    Posted by Monty Hunkele | 11/24/2020, 10:24 pm

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