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Trump the Silencer?

The mainstream minion press thinks the president is trying to shut down freedom speech and freedom of the press.
Of all of the crazy current events taking place at the moment, this one has to be the biggest joke. And it’s obvious that last week’s unified gang-up on the president in the big-city newspapers was blatant hypocrisy. Either the American public’s memory is that short or the last president gets a free pass. The mainstream minion press didn’t organize a group attack against President Obama for surveillance against certain members of the press just a few years ago.
Before anyone goes screaming “racist’’ for pointing a finger at BHO, he was, after all, the chosen one, and the mainstream minion press ran interference for him and are still doing it for HRC. Yes, it’s obvious that the mainstream minion press is the propaganda arm of the democratic party.
It doesn’t matter that an outsider was elected president. That’s what everyone usually wants, simply for our desire to see an executive branch make the effort to solve the problems we face. Now that we have a real outsider trying to expose corruption in the federal bureaucracy, that outsider gets lambasted every day. The mainstream minion press and the democratic party must want that establishment intact to keep pushing for more wars, higher taxes, and ultimately complete control of the population.
There is something deeper going on, someone or some group that’s threatened by the president attempting to kill the shadow government. That must be why he’s attacked by the mainstream minion press daily. The writers on this website are not Trump friendly, but to see the constant attacks by the minion press has to make even the most casual, low-information observer question what the hell is going on.
The president touted that our economy had 4.1 percent GDP growth and he was still blasted by the mainstream minion press; black and hispanic unemployment are at historic lows, but he’s still called racist.
And the latest nonsense of revoking the security clearance of a political has-been, FORMER CIA chief John Brennan, is getting the president pounded again by the minion press. Brennan says that the president is trying to silence him, all while he gets the chance to voice his dissatisfaction with Trump’s decision on the 24-hour cable news stations. It could be that Brennan is scared because somewhere, someone has so much dirt on him that he’s going to need dump trucks and payloaders to dig him out from underneath it all.
Trump the dictator? The Silencer? That’s just a bunch of dumb jibberish by shadow government employees and the minion press that the shadow government controls. The president said that he was going to “drain the swamp.’’ The people that are the most angry and vocal against him are the drops of pond scum being drained.
If the president was trying to stifle freedom of speech and freedom of the press, then why are the members of the minion press not in jail? If Stalin was criticized in Soviet Russia the way Trump is being criticized today, the press would be in a Siberian detention camp or dead. Remember, Obama spied on Cheryl Atkisson and James Rosen. Has Trump done that? If he did you can probably be assured that someone in the shadow government would have leaked it by now.
The problem on this topic is that there are six corporations that control 90 percent of the media. This is huge and it shouldn’t have been allowed to happen. The CEOs, CFOs, and owners of these corporations are the gatekeepers, and the news they allow to pass through the gate is propaganda. For example, we heard about the Parkland school shooting for weeks after the event, but we didn’t hear about the thwarted attempt to shoot up a school in Maryland. In 1994 we were told that NAFTA was a job creating treaty for Americans, but found out that we lost more jobs than were created as we transitioned from an industrial to a service economy.
No, the mainstream minion press has plenty of freedom: freedom to whine and cry because Hillary lost the 2016 election, freedom to criticize the fact that corruption is being uncovered in the shadow government, freedom to call it hate when we enforce immigration laws, freedom to criticize tax cuts because American citizens really shouldn’t be allowed to keep the money they earn, and freedom to criticize the deplorables for being deplorable.
More and more of the public is becoming aware of the nonsense that the mainstream minion press is spewing out. That’s probably why no one listens to them.



P.S. Long Live Ron Paul, and Long Live Alex Jones and Infowars.  Is Q the new version of deepthroat?

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