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Cancel the Swamp

September 17 was Constitution Day. And there’s a little bit of irony that came with it: declassification of the FISA warrant and various other incriminating e-mails that show the shadow government dirt, violating the Constitution and other laws under the US code.


Is anyone excited about what’s going on right now? More and more information is coming out that exposes the shadow government’s involvement in getting a democratically-elected president run out of office


Every day new dirt is coming out. EVERY DAY. And the mainstream minion press is guilty of sitting on it, but at the same time perpetuating the lies of Trump being an istophobe (you know, the racist, sexist, xenophobic, islamophobe that he gets slammed with every day) because he’s the real outsider to the DC scumpit, bringing real changes.


Wait, because over the next few days the president is going to get slammed again; this time the minion press is going to hit him with the headcase label again for declassifying secret documents. That shouldn’t matter because the shadow government has been leaking classified information to the minion press since Trump was elected.


Once these documents are declassified for everyone to see, a lot of people should be in some serious trouble.


Could Hillary be one of those people? Probably, since she was the real colluder with Russia. How about Obama and his lackeys? Very possible since it was his Justice Department that got the ball rolling on the spygate scandal.


Elections are coming in less than two months, and if all of the information is uncovered between now and then, the democrats might be a dead political party, and the shadow government gutted like a fish.


But remember, the mainstream minion press will still try to spin all of this to push its Democratic party propaganda: if you don’t vote democrat in the midterms, you’re an istophobe. Fill in the blank with whatever –ist or phobia that helps the regressive narrative.


Or, according to Obama, you are tribalist, a gun-clutching, Bible-toting, white supremacist who is guilty of oppressing everyone on the planet who is different than you since the beginning of recorded history.


We should take a nationwide headcount to find out who is nauseous over the Dems and their identity politics crap. Holding that hand isn’t the same as holding four aces any more. It’s more like having phone numbers in different suits. The US is not guilty for all of the evil in the world today. It’s funny how one country, only around for 242 years, is considered to be so evil that its citizens should all feel guilty for having been as successful as it has been for so long.


Who’s the genius that came up with that idea? The stooges pushing the Cultural Marxist ideology that dominates today’s universities.


The entrenched clowns in the scumpit can’t stand the president. He gets dogged for EVERYTHING. Since last week, he’s been blamed for Hurricane Florence and the damage it caused. What!!? This might be cause for the shadow government to order another special council – Trump collusion with Mother Nature. Instead of Mueller, we can have Bill Nye the Science Guy to conduct the investigation.


Can you imagine his questioning? Did you speak to Mother Nature, Mr. President? Were there any secret negotiations behind closed doors at the oval office with Mother Nature, Mr. President? Did you arrange a deal that would allow Mother Nature to only reach a category 3 hurricane? That last one might confuse low-info democrats since they think that everything Trump tries to accomplish is something that will kill us all. Special council Nye might also ask, why didn’t you try to negotiate a cat 5? Didn’t you want maximum damage and maximum death since you hate so much?


The puppet masters that control the shadow government, Democratic party, and the mainstream minion press have to be scared right now. Let’s hope they all stay that way, all the way up until they’re sentenced.



Some of the Qanon posts were a source for this article.

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