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Tis’ the Night before the Swamp was Drained

Tis’ the month of Christmas and all through the land

In the fight against corruption, many citizens would band.


We are not right, nor left, and not in between,

Just folks who will not fall for the MSM’s thinly veiled sheen.


A man named Trump came along and promised a lot:

Better economy, low taxes, but I thought he was not…


Anything but a liar, a politician, a cronie,

But when a promise came true, it didn’t seem phony.


The left can’t stand him; they say he is crude,

His fellow politicians bash him because they are prudes.


There’s Chuck, and there’s Nancy, while Hillary waits in the wings

To exact revenge from an empty arsenal of proof of these things.


CNN dogs him and dashes him and prances on his name,

But we’ll soon find out that it was all in vain.


That the dossier was fake, and for months we all knew

While the media blitz for Hillary embellished and grew.


“She’s dirty, she’s dirty,” so few screamed out,

While Uranium One nukes, the whistleblowers would shout.


But Hillary, the Queen, was supposed to have won

Even though she was dizzy with no leg to stand on.


Enter plan B and the shadow government,

Who collectively lost track of what “we the people’’ meant.


Collusion and obstruction shouted the MSM at the shadow government’s urging,

But what they didn’t see was the long, drawn-out purging.


“We hate him, we despise him, he’s a racist,’’ they’d say.

All in the hopes of turning future voters away.


The shadow government fought and struggled to not be undone,

But lackeys like Brennan and Comey will learn they haven’t won.


There are indictments, you see, sealed and handled with care

In the hopes that the DOJ will be honest and fair.


These indictments were tallied, nearly 62,000 in all,

And the citizens clamored that the corrupt should fall.


Soon enough, my furry friend, we must be patient and wait

For the corrupt are aware and are in need of some bait.


The corrupt will be gone, and the swamp will be drained

Or, by God, our prez will be slapped in the brain.


He’s got our attention, the citizen’s have his back;

Hopefully he’ll be unlike every other hack.


Mr. Prez, make them all march to Gitmo, in formation, two-by-two;

In uncovering corruption we might thank the prez and an anon named Q.


So Merry Christmas to all, and to all a good night;

This all better happen or we’re going to be pissed.


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Teacher, writer, and freedom lover.


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