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Will the Left ever Learn?

Mob violence, identity political smears, threats, shaming, reputation smearing. These are what you’re threatened with if you don’t follow the leftist narrative that the mainstream minion press sticks in your face daily.


In a society that values liberty, all of the above are threats to take your liberty away.


Now, as we strain to see through the blinders that the mainstream minion press is forcing Americans to look through, we can only see everything through the one-dimensional lens of identity politics.


If you think that the caravan heading north from Central America is not good for the US, then you are a racist xenophobe. It doesn’t matter that many of these folks will be a burden on the entitlement system; it doesn’t matter that these folks will force lower wages on American workers; and it doesn’t matter that our schools will be overburdened with students that must learn to speak, write, and read English, taking time away from those students who are supposed to be learning content. You are a racist, Hitler wannabe.


What a pile of ….! The American public that doesn’t pay attention to the mainstream minion press are fully aware that the democrat party is losing the black vote and needs to build a new voter base. This is where the illegals come in. It’s funny because the same democrats that are cheering on the caravan are the ones who were dead-set against illegal immigrants and open borders just a few years ago.


 How long do you think it will take to get them all registered for today’s midterms?


For the young politicians who are touting socialism and freebies galore to get votes, it is going to be next to impossible to give those handouts — like a free college education — when you have illegals already taking from the system. There goes another rise in taxes.


Remember Dr. Christine Blasey Ford and Julie Swetnick? Where are they now? Since the left was so hell-bent on “believing survivors,’’ why has the fight not continued? Oh, right. Since Brett Kavanaugh was confirmed, Dr. Ford and Ms. Swetnick outlived their usefulness and are now just memories that the democrats have no need to take advantage of any more.


Onward to the next offended person or group to manipulate and force back onto the plantation.


That will probably be the antifa mob; those crazy college kids who’ve been indoctrinated by their Cultural Marxist professors into believing that the US is the most evil, racist, xenophobic, sexist country in the world. And these are the little snowflakes that get offended a bit too easily.


If the dems don’t win back the House of Representatives, the antifa mob will go crazy.  And mob violence is a direct threat to liberty. The mob intimidates you into accepting the narrative or else.


Neither the democrat party nor the minion press has denounced antifa, so we all know that these little kiddies are the brownshirts of the left. You know, like Hitler’s goons back in the 1930s.


The democrat party abandoned the strongest and most numerous part of its base of voters, the working class. And it did so in favor of a small fringe to make identity politics the lone issue of their platform. This is old, and most Americans are growing weary of the nonsense.


To forsake so many voters for such a one-dimensional platform is equivalent to committing political suicide. The dems have nothing. It’s 2016 all over again. When will you learn from your mistakes?


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