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Unclear Thinking

   The times we’re living in are strange and interesting. It’s wondrous how there are so many Americans who think so aberrantly and out of the ordinary.


   While there are so many people out there who are fully aware that we are constantly lied to by the federal government and media, there is an even larger amount that believe our government and media are so benevolent and wise.


   Why would people ever think that a government has a monopoly on wisdom, considering nearly all of human history has shown us that government is an evil and a nuisance?


   Here are a few examples of the crazy ideas that so many Americans favor today, which seem to contradict common sense.


   1) There are college campuses where students use their freedom of speech – and freedom of destruction – to stifle freedom of speech. They call themselves antifa, which is short for anti-fascists. And using bully tactics to censor differing ideas is the epitome of the fascism they say they are fighting against. Hitler’s brown shirts did the same thing in the 1930s.


   2) Socialism will not make everyone equal. We will still have a socio-economically layered society. There will still be the very rich, and there will still be the very poor, only there will be fewer very rich and many more very poor. First, at the top, will be the corporate-banking class. These folks will be the people in charge that will influence the “elected’’ leaders by way of campaign contributions, bribes, kickbacks, and lobbying. Then, there will be the political-government class (aka the new middle class). These will be the wealthy politicians that are owned by the corporate bankers who will be dishing out the orders.  Then, there will be the serfs, or the rest of the population, who will be subjected to laws that limit freedom and rights because the two upper classes want to control the majority of the population. That majority will be the rest of us.


   3) Today’s version of liberalism (aka modern liberalism) isn’t liberal. Liberal means liberty or freedom. Today’s liberals don’t want liberty or freedom; they want the opposite — big government entitlements. When people who call themselves liberal protest in favor of big government rather than against it, they are denying their own freedom. An adjective that means freedom shouldn’t be used to label people who fight against freedom.


   4) Government leaders say that they care about the citizens of the US, but that’s just a mask, a veil, for control. Our government doesn’t have a monopoly on compassion. Compassion is just a term that is synonymous for control. Taxation is a legalized form of theft.


   5) Trying to erase history by taking down Confederate monuments doesn’t make the history disappear. The most awful chapter in American history still took place, and those monuments should be a reminder of what we should not devolve back into.


   6) True, the founders of this country had blemishes, the worst of which was that they were slave owners. But realistically, you cannot call those folks racist. Racism isn’t a term that did not exist until the 20th century – to be more exact, the 1930s. How could Thomas Jefferson have been racist when the term didn’t exist?


   7) Outlawing firearms will not stop people from being killed. When the 2nd Amendment is finally repealed, the bad guys that want to kill – for your money, for your cars, or for your cell phones — will still be able to get their hands on a firearm. And those that would want to defend themselves against the bad guys that kill their fellow man won’t be able to do so.


   To all of the low-info folks out there… WAKE UP!! Your government wants its citizens to fight each other. That way we can’t fight the real enemy.

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Teacher, writer, and freedom lover.


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